Hitman 3 On PC Loses Current Progress While Carrying Over Past Progression

Hitman 3 was officially released on PC earlier today but only through the Epic Games Store due to an exclusivity agreement. There is however a migration process through which players can carry over their progression as well as entire levels from the previous two games which are now available on Steam. That migration process though comes with a pretty nasty catch.

What players need to be aware of is that they must perform the progression carryover process from Steam to the Epic Games Store before playing Hitman 3. Those who start playing the new game before migrating their progression from Steam will likely lose all progression earned in the Epic Games Store version when they do carry over their progression later on.

“If you have already started playing Hitman 3 and then choose to perform the progression carryover process, you will lose all progression earned within Hitman 3 up to that point,” warns IO Interactive in a pre-launch guide. “We recommend you carryover progress before starting Hitman 3.”

The progression carryover process is also nearly impossible at the time of writing. Hitman 3 requires an always-online connection and which has taken a hammer to its online servers at launch. IO Interactive has been regularly updating players through its social media accounts but it does seem like the downed IO Interactive services will take a bit more time before stabilizing.

Something else to note is that players should refrain from putting in new progression carryover requests if the first one fails. IO Interactive has confirmed that all failed requests are automatically placed in a queue for processing once the online services are back.

Hitman 3 is the final chapter to conclude the World of Assassination trilogy where Agent 47 attempts to permanently take down a secret society known as Providence. By carrying over progression from the past games, players can make use of prior items that were already unlocked as well explore past levels.

Hitman 3 should be releasing on Steam after a year. The game is also out now on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. IO Interactive will now be focusing most of its resources into boosting development efforts of its recently announced James Bond game which currently is code-named Project 007.

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