Hitman 3 Records “Biggest Digital Launch” In Franchise History

Hitman 3 was officially released barely a couple of days ago and has already become the “biggest digital launch” in the history of the franchise.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, publisher and developer IO Interactive proudly made the announcement but without sharing any sales numbers. While the new installment has been hailed by both fans and critics, Hitman 3 had one advantage over its predecessors in the form of additional platforms. The new game was released on previous- as well as current-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles in addition to Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia.

There is no way of knowing just how many players are currently stalking their targets in the game on all platforms. Hitman 3 is exclusive to the Epic Games Store on PC and which means that Steam trackers for player-activities are of no use. The only notable aspect to point out is that all online services were downed on the first day of release on PC due to a massive amount of incoming players. The game requiring an always-online internet connection made a quick mess of things, including the foiling of carrying over progression from previous games.

Hitman 3 serves as the concluding chapter in the World of Assassination trilogy where a secret organization known as Providence finds itself in the crosshairs of Agent 47 and his allies. The new installment allows players to migrate their progression and unlocked items, as well as entire levels, from the previous two Hitman games for one giant and complete experience.

IO Interactive will now be focusing most of its resources into boosting development efforts of its recently announced James Bond game which currently is code-named Project 007.

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