Hitman 2016 The Showstopper Walkthrough Guide

Hitman episode one titled The Showstopper takes place in a museum in Paris. As the title suggests, there is a fashion show going on and your job is to assassinate targets inside without getting spotted!

One thing to note here is that you can complete the mission using multiple approaches, but if you want to unlock the Silent Assassin, you must complete the mission without anyone seeing you.

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Hitman 2016 The Showstopper Walkthrough

This guide details everything that you need to know about achieving Silent Assassin playthrough and a perfect rating at the end of the mission.

Getting Started
You need to head inside the mission area using the front entrance. After Novikov’s entrance, head right from the staircase and exit the lobby using an open door at the far side of the room.

Acquiring Uniform
After you arrive in the new area, head right to come across two women. From there, you need to head on to the patio and see a guard and a man. You need to wait until Decker’s conversation is over and track the opportunity.

In order to do so, you need to head into the gardens to the northwest edge of the grounds. After reaching the guard, subdue him, acquire his uniform, and dump his body in a dumpster.

After acquiring the uniform, do not get too close to the guards with a white dot above their heads. Your objective here is to simply get to Max Decker, speak with him, and get him to follow you to Novikov.

You need to make sure to stick close to Max Decker and head towards the marker – pagoda. As mentioned earlier, do not get too close to guards with a white dot over their heads and listen to Deckergs conversation with Novikov.

Once you arrive at the location, do not forget to blend in so as to prevent Novikov and his personal guards from getting suspicious.

Eliminating Novikov
This section is quite easy and you simply need to follow Novikov to railing along the riverbank. Eliminate him using any methods you see fit and complete the ‘InSeine’ challenge.

Helmur Kruger
After completing the first assassination, head back from where you came and out of the gardens. You need to backtrack your steps all the way to the area where you acquire the uniform and will come across another opportunity.

You need to wait until the first phone call is completed then head in, subdue the dude, and toss his body in the same dumpster you used to conceal guard’s body.

From there, pick up Kruger phone and confirm the location by calling Dahlia Margolis. Once done, head to the make-up room inside the palace and get your face done similar to Kruger.

Finding Dahlia Margolis
While you are disguising as Kruger, you will not have to worry about guards at all! After a brief ramp walk, head inside the main lobby and go up the stairs without any problem.

Once you are up, you need to turn 180 degrees and head towards the windows. Continue to head up the stairs until you come across Dahlia Margolis who will ask you to pick a vial of poison.

Eliminating Dahlia Margolis
As soon as Dahlia Margolis turns around to receive her phone call, seize the opportunity to poison her wine glass and play along to watch her collapse on the floor.

Once the deed is done, make sure to hide her body inside the nearby wardrobe and head back to the helicopter you saw earlier during the mission. If you followed this guide till this point, you will acquire Silent Assassin rank.

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