Hitman 2016 Contracts Guide – How to Create and Play

The sheer number of Hitman 2016 contracts can leave a number of players overwhelmed; especially if one is trying to come up with one’s own contract.

With so many Hitman 2016 contracts available from the very beginning, it can be hard to get your own contract the attention it deserves which is where the guide comes in!

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Hitman 2016 Contracts Guide

The Hitman 2016 contracts guide details everything you need to know about making your contracts stand out from the rest with a few simple and easy-to-follow tips:

A Brief Yet Catchy Title
This holds true for many of the things out there and not just Hitman 2016 contracts. The first thing that someone – who is searching for community-created contracts – is going to look at is your contract’s title.

Therefore, you need to come up with an interesting title. However, do note that your title needs to be precise, engaging, must provoke players to click it, must be catchy, and must not lose the relevance.

It goes without saying that long and descriptive titles are really off-putting. So get creative and come up with more interesting titles which will make your contracts stand out from others instantly!

Explain your Contract in the Description
Now that you have piqued players’ interest and got them to select your contract, you need to take them one step further. To achieve this, you need to come up with an interesting description.

Before writing the description, do note that you need to educate players they are about to plunge into. You need to let players know about the approximate length of the contract, what they can expect from it, potential loadout, and more.

It is a good idea to check the mission description from various games which will give you an idea on how to write a good description without divulging too much.

Don’t be too Obvious
A vast majority of contracts which are available lack when it comes to a sense of target selection. You do not want to the guy asking players to assassinate the very person they come across.

Make sure to give a look to contracts created by other people and choose an unusual target which will provide players with a sense of challenge and accomplishment. All in all, do not be way too obvious!

Have Fun with Your Creation
This is probably the most important tip! You need to understand that no one will enjoy your creation if you do not enjoy it yourself!

Since you have the ability to choose a total of 5 targets, there is a vast majority of things for you to play around with. Once again, get creative and you will eventually build something worth community’s attention.

Do not try and make things overly complicated just for the sake of it and create something which is approachable and enjoyable at the same time.

In order to do this, choose targets which are easily recognizable, but are hard to reach. And as I said before, have fun!

This is all we have on Hitman 2016 contracts guide. Do make sure to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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