Hitman 2016 Challenges Guide – Discovery, Opportunity, Assassination

Although the basic purpose of Hitman: The Showstopper is to assassinate Dahlia Margolis and Viktor Novikov, there are Hitman 2016 challenges that add more depth to the mission provided you are ready.

There are multiple Hitman 2016 challenges that players can take on while completing the mission. These challenges revolve around using weapons, disguises, and other pieces of equipment to attain the ultimate goal.

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Hitman 2016 Challenges Guide

Before completing and learning more about these challenges, do note that the in-game picture representing each challenge also provides a clue as to how to complete the said challenge.

This guide details everything that you need to know about completing challenges in Hitman 2016:

Hitman 2016 Challenges: An Invitation Upstairs – Discovery
You need to head inside the mission area using the front entrance. After Novikov’s entrance, head right from the staircase and exit the lobby using an open door at the far side of the room.

After you arrive in the new area, head right to come across two women. At this point, wait until the conversation is over and follow the young woman in the restroom to acquire the IAGO invitation after subduing her.

With the invitation in hand, head towards the patio and head towards the northwest gardens where you will come across two guards outside a door. Simply show them the IAGO invitation and head to the auction.

Once inside, you will be able to complete A Break from the Auction, To Your Very Good Health, A Permanent Break, Guest of Honor, and The Mysterious Mr. Reaper as well as interact with Margolis.

Hitman 2016 Challenges: 15 Seconds of Fame – Opportunity
You need to head to the northwest gardens where you will come across Helmur Kruger. Just hang around the area and you will eventually have the chance of following him out of the gardens and acquire his disguise after subduing him.

Once done, you need to head back to the palace and head upstairs to get your make-up done to look exactly like Helmur Kruger.

After this, you will have free access to head anywhere without anyone getting suspicious of you in any way. Moreover, you will be able to easily get near Novikov and eliminate him with relative ease.

Hitman 2016 Challenges: The Showstopper – Assassination
To complete the challenge, the first thing that you need to do is to is to acquire the IAGO invitation using the method mentioned under An Invitation Upstairs – Discovery.

After reaching the third floor, you need to avoid the directions provided by the staff member and head inside the door located on your immediate left-hand-side.

As soon as you arrive in the new area, avoid being detected by the two guards around the corner; speaking about the lighting rig. After listening to the entire conversation, you will get the Lights Out opportunity and place the marker on the ground floor.

At this point, you can simply wait until both Sato and Novikov are on the stage and drop the large lighting rig over their heads which will also kill many a people in the unfortunate incident.

Secondly, you can also head to the marker below, distract Sato and then perform the deed using the crowbar placed nearby.

This is all we have on Hitman 2016 challenges in episode one The Showstopper. If there is something else you would like to know, let us know in the comments section below!

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