Hitman 2 Mumbai Walkthrough

Mumbai is one of the most populous cities in the world. What that means for you, is that there are more enemies than ever for you to kill. Our Hitman 2 Mumbai Walkthrough will take you through all of the story missions that are a part of the game in India with Silent Assassin and challenges.

Hitman 2 Mumbai

Your main mission in this city is to take out three specific targets. However, one of the targets is unknown and you need to first find out his identity and then kill him.

There are a lot of opportunities for you to attach the targets, so there is no need to worry about their lack. You also have to deal with the crows, which will get you if you are not in a disguise that is recognizable to them.

Let us go ahead and take a look at all of the missions in a step-by-step manner so that you can easily get through them.

Finding Maelstrom

The first thing that you need to do is to find Maelstrom. This is hard but you can easily find him if you follow our Mumbai Walkthrough Guide.

The three purple targets that you see are areas of interest to Maelstrom. Before you are able to kill him, you need to identify him.

You can find him through either A Close Shave or Flames Rekindled. You can also do it without those missions. You need to go to the Crows Hideout to the west side. Sneak in through the generator by the waterfront and take their disguise.

Head down to the basement (better to use the Elite Crow disguise in the middle room). Take the letter from the barber and get close to the teaching of the people that are on the map.

When the meter above them fills up, you get a positive or a negative result. When you find the right target, take him out but make sure that people do not see you.

A Close Shave

In this mission, you need to identify the Maelstrom (find the method above). Head to the Barber’s Shop in Slum Square and wait for the barber to go to the second floor.

Once the barber is there, take him out and go downstairs. Use his key to unlock the shop and wait as the barber.

There will be a few people who come in and try to get the barber’s service, but you need to turn them down until Maelstrom comes in.

Once he is there, offer him a shave kill him there. You can hide the body in the room nearby, but watch out for the woman patrolling.

A Dress to Die For

You need to kill Shah in this one. Go to the tailor Southwest of Slum Square to take his disguise when he leaves his shop. You can take out the other person too.

You will need to locate a coin after that, which can be found on the second floor of the Tailor’s Shop, at the Crow’s Hideout in the middle room, and at Convenience Stores.

After you have the coin, head to the cloth merchant in Slum Square and haggle with him. Get the Cerulean Cloth and meet Shah at the train station.

Remember that you will be frisked over here. When she turns around, you need to kill both her and her servant. Hide the bodies to finish the job.

A Matter of Discipline

This kill also has you taking out Shah. First, head to the Chawls and use the lockpick to open up the laundry office. Head downstairs and wait until you can use the radio to draw the guard. Kill him and take his clothes.

Next, head upstairs to take out the Forman so that you can grab his disguise.

After that, report to the guard outside and you will be taken to Shah. When you are speaking to her, you can either push her from the ledge or follow her to kill her in simpler ways.

Broad Strokes

This mission has you disguised as an artist. First, head to the Chawls and fix the Sniper Rifle that he has. He is going to kill the target for you, so do not kill him.

After that, infiltrate the apartment Complex Tower. You need to disguise yourself as a guard.

Use the elevator shaft to get to the third floor and get to the room that has the painter. Use the window to climb into the room to take out the painter and get his disguise.

Once done, hide his body and wait for Rangan to arrive. Simply paint his portrait until the sniper takes him out.

Flames Rekindled

Get to a large hill in the city area and you will find a woman surrounded by guards. Raise the flag on the roof and the Maelstrom will come running. You can poison his wine on the downstairs table to take his life.

Gone with the Wind

You use a giant fan to blow your target from a tower. Infiltrate the block and get to the makeup room. Here, poison the food tray using the rat poison from the kitchen. Then, follow the worker to the washroom so that you can get his disguise.

After that, use the elevator shaft to get to the top and use your hammer to throw the script down. Grab the script and take it to the director so that you can sabotage the fan with a screwdriver. Then, simply let Rangan fly.

Picture Perfect

You infiltrate the tower in this mission too but track down the photographer first. Look for a man wearing wings at the food district. Push him into the gutter when the opportunity arises and then hide his body to take his disguise.

Head to the tower and get frisked. After that, you are taken to Rangan and the remaining process is pretty much the same.

Assassin Challenges

Here are some of the other challenges that are available for you to complete once you are done with the story missions:

  • Mumbai Blackout: Simply kill all 3 of the main targets using electricity to complete the challenge.
  • Stand Still: Use the tape measure to kill Shah while you are disguised as a tailor. This can be done easily during the A Dress to Die mission.
  • Tea Time: Disguise yourself as a servant and poison Shah’s tea after infiltrating her hideout.
  • Everybody on Board- Locate the Kashmirian assassin’s laptop dongle and then checkout his map and laptop. You can phone Shah and she will meet with the Maelstrom. You can kill them both by pulling a lever and letting a train run them over.
  • In Cahoots- Change the color of the smoke in the fire near the welders by the beach. This will cause Shah and Rangan to meet and you can take them both out.
  • Barbershop Duette: Simply complete the A Close Shave mission in order to complete this challenge.
  • Waiting for a Sign: Kill Malestrom using a sign.
  • Within Scope: Kill a target using a sniper rifle while on the outlook post, somewhere close to the beach.
  • Me Time: Infiltrate the train station and go on to the roof.
  • It Was His Biggest Fan: Complete Gone With the Wind to complete this challenge.
  • Mumbai Electric: Kill one of the targets using electricity to finish this challenge.
  • Proxy Killer: Complete Broad Strokes in order to complete this challenge.
  • Within a Broader Scope: Use the Beach outlook post to kill 3 targets using your Sniper Rifle.
  • What’s Your Flava: Poison Maelstrom’s team in order to complete this challenge.
  • Free Bird: Shoot the birdcage in Shah’s property to drop it on her skull
  • The Suspension: Get Rangan and the Maelstrom to meet before dropping the concrete tube from Rangan’s property on them.

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