Hitman 2 Miami Walkthrough

Our Hitman 2 Miami Walkthrough Guide will ensure that you are able to enjoy a plethora of ways that you can use to kill all of the targets that are there waiting for you. We have outlined all the Miami challenges, achieving Silent Assassin rank, and more.

Hitman 2 Miami Walkthrough

The first mission tasks you with killing Sierra and Robert Knox. You can see them at the start on your map, but they move around. Sierra moves from the end of the race to the team’s VIP Bar, then to the garage and then in that general area.

Make sure you track the map as you get near to her and remember that you can only approach her without being detected when she is in the walkway area.

Let us go ahead and look at all of the other missions that are there for the taking in Hitman 2 Miami in a step-by-step manner so that you can complete them with ease.

The New Army

This story has you assassinating Robert Knox using a robot. Get to the Marina near the Kronstadt Center and listen to the man on the phone whose name is Ted.

Follow him and when he is smoking, knock him out to take his body to the gated area beside him.

Drop his body into the wood chipper before taking his clothes and then move into the Kronstadt center. Walk up the stairs with the receptionist so that you can meet Robert. When there, get to the printer and grab the photo.

After that, take that photo to the Robert and ask for a demonstration. Here, the robot will kill him and you can leave, taking your original outfit so that you can escape easily.

Pretty in Pink

This mission has you pushing Sierra into a hole. Move to the Carpark and pick up the keys of the actual owner of the costume. Press the key to locate the van and take the documents.

Now, follow the mascot back to the car and then steal his disguise. Take the documents to the meeting and then follow Sierra until you are at a quiet place. Once there, wait until she reads the documents and push her down the hole.

Turbo Charged

This is the easiest mission to complete. Get to the garage and steal a disguise. Then, head to the Kronstadt center and use a screwdriver to sabotage the engine of the car.

A Perfect Machine

Your job here is to make sure that someone dies at the pit stop. Get to the garage and get a disguise. Simply follow a mechanic to the porta potty and take him out.

Get a pneumatic wrench from the garage by distracting the guards using throwables. Sabotage the wheels with the pneumatic wrench and watch Sierra as she crashes the car.


In this mission, you need to disguise yourself as a doctor and poison Sierra. Get to the medical area near the model and sneak in through the back.

Just make sure to watch out for the security camera. Use the generator to lure out a worker and get his clothes prior to hiding his body.

Get inside the center and find the Lethal Syringe using a lockpick or a key. Then, call Sierra using the intercom and follow her into the doctor’s office.

Once she has sat down, poison the IV bag. When she dies, hide her body inside the closet close to you and then use the back door to get to the ambulance and leave through it.

The Triumph

At the start, get to the Kronstadt center and find to officials who are eating lunch. They will let you know that a wonky pyrotechnics is set up and ready for use.

Get inside the event to the race official and take out the two people there including the race official. Both of them can be hidden in the nearby bin.

However, make sure that you use the back of the van so that the people in the garage cannot see you.

Blend into the tower as a race official and disqualify Moses when he drives by you. Then, take a wrench from the garage and get to the pyrotechnic controls. Use the wrench to sabotage them and watch Sierra as she is blown up when at the stage.

The Munchies

In the final kill of the city, you need to serve poisonous coconut balls to Robert Knox in order to kill him. Before you begin, make sure that you have a lockpick. Then, head to the food truck near the boardwalk by Kronstadt.

You need to get into the clothes of the Florida Man who is fishing there. When the guard turns around, you kill the man and then grab the rat poison from the hut nearby. You can break the lock using either a lockpick or by finding a crowbar nearby.

Once you have the poison, head to the foot truck and only offer the Coconut Balls to Robert when he comes near you. You should use rat poison so that when he goes to the water to be sick, you can push him into the water for an accidental kill.

Assassin Challenges

Here are all of the other kills that you can perform through the Assassin Challenges. These challenges are an icing on the cake since you can do them anytime you want and they are integrated with the story in many ways.

  • The Man and The Sea: Follow the Florida Man mission until Robert goes off to the water. Shoot the fish trophy and it will fall on Robert, killing him in the process.
  • Better Burn Up Than Fade Away: Simply complete the Triumph mission in order to complete the challenge.
  • The Message: In this assassination, you have to Push Robert off the rooftop. Find Robert’s office and locate the electric access dongle in the work area. Now go to the opposite part of the building with an antenna and a laptop. Hack it and push Robert when he comes to fix the problem and start leaning over from the balcony
  • Pink Menace: Push Sierra down through the elevator shaft, it is quite similar to the Pretty in Pink mission seen above.
  • Under the Sea: First of all, you need to somehow lure Robert to the aquarium. Once he is there, make sure he is under the shark and then shoot the shark to drop it on him and complete the challenge.
  • Hot Shot: Sierra will drink the shots at the VIP race bar, and you can place chilli into them in order to complete the challenge.
  • The Florida Diet: You need to use the coconut balls to assassinate Robert. You can do this quite easily by following the Munchies description above.
  • External Combustion Engine: Complete all of the requirements of the Turbo Charged mission and put the high-octane fuel into the tank before you call Robert to come down.
  • Don’t Drink and Drive: When you see the trophy in the Triumph mission, you need to put lethal poison into it. After that, you need to sabotage Moses too so that Sierra is able to win and get that trophy.
  • Ocular Administration: In order to complete this challenge, you need to poison Robert’s eye drops.
  • Doctor 47: In order to complete the challenge, all you need to do is to complete the Intravenous mission seen above and the challenge will be complete too.
  • Wheel of Misfortune: This is another challenge that you need not complete on your own as it can be done by going through one of the story missions. Simply complete the mission known as A Perfect Machine and the challenge will be complete.
  • Days of Thunder: This is quite similar to the last challenge as well. Simply go ahead with A Perfect Machine until you get to the part with the engine, and then put in a Remote Explosive in the engine to complete the challenge.
  • Explosive Liaisons: It is a continuation of Days of Thunder. Put in a Remote Explosive in the engine of the car and hit the action key after reaching the telephone booth. Now talk with Robert and watch him blowing up Sierra.
  • Vitamin Overdose: Sierra needs to take her vitamins. You can poison the vitamins that she is going to take and the medic will then kill her for you.
  • Moving Target: Simply kill Sierra when she is inside the car using your sniper rifle in order to complete the challenge.
  • The Tree Falls on the Apple: This challenge can be complete when you push Robert from the viewing platform when he is near Sierra’s car.
  • Paranoid Android: Simply kill Robert when using the method from An Arms Race mission.

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