Hitman 2 Colombia Walkthrough

Our Hitman 2 Colombia Walkthrough Guide will take you through all of the main kills, Silent Assassin, Suit Only, and Colombia challenges.

Hitman 2 Colombia Walkthrough

As is the case with all Hitman missions, there are numerous ways to complete them. You can use the Mission Stories for guidance or give it a go yourself. We have listed all of the bigger kills in Hitman 2 Colombia.

Let us go ahead and look at all of the missions, starting with Bagpacker. We will be guiding you through the entire mission in a step-by-step process to make everything easy to understand.


In this mission, you need to dress up as a hippie and deliver some poisoned goodies. At the start of the mission, there is a shack with two hippies.

Listen to what they are saying and then break into the shack. Make sure to buy glue from the mechanic by using the radio to distract him and then killing him.

Once you have the glue, grab the rat poison from the nearby shop and use the glue to repair the souvenir before you poison it. Use the alarm to draw in the hippy and then take his clothes.

Once you are in disguise, head to the marker and make sure to ditch all illegal items since you are frisked here.

In the end, pass the souvenir to Franco and push him into the nearby hole when he goes there to vomit.

Deadly Art

Deadly Art requires you to kill Rico Delgado. First, grab the rat poison and then head over to the bar towards the north. Once you have heard the tattoo artist, use the generator to grab the barman’s clothes and use his key to head to the basement.

Grab the rat poison in there and return to the bar. Here, wait patiently for the tattoo artist to take a call and then poison his drink.

Eventually, grab his disguise and enter the Delgado Complex (you will be frisked). Start tattooing him and ask him to sit still. When the guard leaves, kill Rico, leaving his body in the bathroom and escaping through the window.

Half Baked

You need to feed a man into a cocaine processing machine. Head to the crashed plane in the jungle and throw something at the red box to get it down.

Get the circuit boards and then grab a drug lab worker outfit by going to the lab south of the plantation.

Use the fuse box to draw out a worker, taking their disguise and then fixing the machine to restore the electricity. Eventually, Franco will show up and you can kill him when he is leaning into the machine by climbing through the window.

Hallowed Ground

Start this mission off by going to the plane and locating the backpackers. Pick the poisonous plant and poison the Shaman’s tea. Take his disguise once you are done and then meet Andrea Martinez.

Perform the ritual once prompted and wait near the cement mixer controls until you have the option to kill Andrea with it. Once no one is watching, take her out.

Heart of Stone

If you want to drop a giant statue on someone’s head, then look no further. Grab a wrench from the mechanic and then head back to the statue. When one of the guards leaves, take the other one out to get his clothes.

Loosen the statue and then find the missing band members. One of them is near the starting area (bus stop) sleeping on a bench and the other important one is passed out behind the petrol station.

The rest are on your map, and you can steal his disguise to go to the statue and start the commotion. Once the presentation starts, do the drum roll and the statue will fall, killing Delgado.


This is a mission that takes you onto a secret submarine base, for one of the best kills the game has to offer. Before you begin, you need to get a submarine worker’s outfit.

Follow the woman to her husband in the town plaza and steal his clothes from the back of his hut once he gets there. Walk around the building until you find a gap in the wall to enter. The gap should be near the water.

Once you have the outfit, go to the bar and use the map to find a hidden passage. Follow the passage to the sub-chamber (you need a screwdriver over here) and then enter the area.

You can get a screwdriver from the worker by using the generator to distract him.

Once you are inside, sabotage the engine and turn it to max when Delgado asks you to hit it to the maximum. This will kill him.

Undying Love

This mission of cruel irony has you going to the Delgado compound. Once inside, grab the disguise from one of the gardeners (use the faucet) and then go to the house.

Get behind the big TV and turn it off to get the guard’s disguise. Get the rat poison from the kitchen and return to the TV area where you need to poison the correct cocaine.

The correct cocaine to poison is the one on your right if you are looking at the bar from the customer area. Grab the love letter from the guard when he goes to the bathroom and use the fire alarm to get everyone out of the building.

Once everyone is out, head to the balcony and wait until she reads the letter, then you can push her off the edge.

Assassin Challenges

There are some other kills that you can perform apart from the ones which are a part of the story. Let’s go ahead and take a look at those challenges.

  • Caution: Heavy Machinery: You need to push Franco into the cocaine machine.
  • Hard Hat Area: You need to follow the Shaman mission right until you have to use the crane at which point you can drop the crane right onto Andrea and complete the challenge.
  • Exit, Stage Left: Push your statue onto Martinez and Delgado when the statue is unveiled.
  • Still As a Statue: Complete the Shaman mission in order to complete this challenge too.
  • A Strong Foundation: Follow the Shaman mission outline, but make sure to kill Andrea with the cement mixer.
  • Special Delivery: Grab an explosive package and get it into Martinez’ inbox tray.
  • Splash Landing: Follow the story of the Submerged mission until you are at the submarine part. Here, use the submarine to kill Delgado and complete the challenge.
  • It Looks Just Like Her: In order to complete this challenge, you need to follow the story of the Deadly Art mission and kill Delgado when you have the tattoo gun in your hand.
  • Deadlier Art: In this challenge, you have to move inside the Delgado complex and then shoot the chandelier so that it drops onto Delgado and kills him.
  • A Bite Out of Crime: Right near the Delgado complex, there is a hippo pool. I am sure you have already guessed what needs to be done. Push Delgado into the pool to complete this challenge.
  • Bait and Switch: You can follow the outline of the story in the Undying Love mission. When you are at the balcony, you can push Andrea off from the balcony to complete the challenge.
  • The Secret Ingredient: In this challenge, you need to stay on the Backpacker mission outline until you are at the end of the mission. In there, you need to use the lethal poison in the souvenir rather than the rat poison.
  • Mind the Step: This is an interesting one. You will find Franco looking for rare flowers. He will do this after he is free from the cocaine machine. This will be close to the time when you are done with the Half Baked mission structure. You simply need to make him slip to his death and all will be okay.

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