Rajan Zed Urges to Remove Overwatch Symmetra Devi Skin, Claims it is Inappropriate

Religious statesman and president of the Universal Society of Hinduism Rajan Zed released a statement regarding Overwatch Symmetra Devi skin. He urged Blizzard to drop the skin, as the skin represents a highly revered Goddess and the skin is in-appropriate and confusing.

In his statement Rajan urged Michael Morhaime, CEO of Blizzard Entertainment, to withdraw the Overwatch Symmetra Devi Skin, as it trivializes Hinduism’s highly revered goddesses. To further illustrate his point Rajan said that in Overwatch players control the movements of Devi, while in reality the devotees put their destiny in the hands of this Goddess.

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Rajan noted that the movement of the character did not match with the characterization of the Goddess in the sculptures. He said that Blizzard Entertainment needed to follow their own core values, which include responsibility, as in this case they have created confusion about Devi through misrepresentation.

However, this is not the first time that Rajan has objected on video games for wrongful depiction of Hindu deities, as he asked developer Hi-Rez to remove some characters from their multiplayer game Smite which resembled Hindu deities.

Rajan indicated that re-imagining the Hindu scriptures, symbols, concepts and deities is not okay with them as it creates confusion. He said that controlling Devi through button/keyboard/mouse is disrespecting, and she is supposed to be worshiped not to be reduced to a character in a video game.

In related news, Overwatch recently added a new character named Ana in the character rooster, however, but the fans were somewhat disappointed as rumors were circulating about Sombra. However, some eagle eyed fans found a secret code hidden in the origins trailer for Ana, which leads towards Sombra.

Overwatch is a first person multiplayer shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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