Hidetaka Miyazaki Thinks the Player Claiming to Beat Dark Souls Without Taking Damage is a Liar

The Souls games are hard, everyone knows this. From Demon’s Souls to Bloodborne every game tests your resolve to the maximum and the famous slogan ‘Prepare to Die’ is far from a joke. However, one hardy soul claims to have finished Dark Souls without taking a single hit from any enemy, be it boss or otherwise. Series creator Hidetaki Miyazaki is very proud of his work and can’t bring himself to believe such a wild proclamation.

Twitch streamer The_Happy_Hobbit is the man in question, who has posted his effort online and even claims that the feat is a world record. Speaking to Wired about the upcoming Dark Souls 3, Miyazaki touched upon this feat but fails to believe a word of it, claiming it is just a myth:

“I don’t believe the player who says he completed the original Dark Souls without taking a hit — it would be amazing but I think it’s just an elaborate rumour!”

If you want to check out the four and a half hour video of The_Happy_Hobbit’s run and see if he is indeed telling the truth then check out his Twitch page. I would let you know myself but four and a half hours is a long time!

The interview in question is an intriguing one and is well worth a read. Hidetaki Miyazaki answers the question about his reasoning for the exclusion of direct story-telling, responding with “the truth is, I’m just not good at implementing direct narrative in my games. Another side is, I want to leave the interpretation of the world’s stories to the player.” He also talks of his influences and inspirations going into the game design and setting.

Dark Souls 3 releases on April 12 to those in the West, and the first review has been released in the UK already.