Hideo Kojima’s Next Could be a Series with Manga, Toys and More

Guillermo Del Toro says he will make whatever the f**k Hideo Kojima wants, and it looks like Kojima-san wants an expansive game with an indepth universe impactful enough to be turned into a full fledged series.

Not only that, the veteran game developer from Japan says he wants the future project to be expanded to include things like anime, manga and even toys.

Hideo Kojima was talking about his future endeavors when the topic of launching another series came up (after all, he is the man behind Metal Gear Solid, who wouldn’t want him to do that magic again)

For this, with Sony, we are working on a project that will be a new IP. Of course, and I have no idea if it’s going to be a series or not, but I want to make something that will have a big enough impact to become a series. By impact, I mean from the things that are unique to the game, the characters, and the world. This impact can lead into something outside of games, such as anime, manga, figures; something that is rich enough to expand.

Now we haven’t been given any specifics about his next game, but the amount of time Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro are spending together suggests that the two are definitely going to cash in on the hype and develop something together.

We know that they are not going to be develop Silent Hills, but they can always work on another horror-esque game, right?

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