Hideo Kojima Talks About The Challenges He Faced After Leaving Konami

The love story between Hideo Kojima and Konami faded publicly when all references to the Japanese developer on the company’s website disappeared. The name of Kojima Productions and its director faded without explanation. Months later, at the end of 2015, the creator of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding left the company where he worked for years.

In an interview with Famitsu, which Kotaku collects, Hideo Kojima is sincere about how he survived after this. Now, he is about to launch his first game without any help at all from Konami. This was a massive risk by the creative, but he came back on top and is still loved by most of the video game industry.

It was three years and nine months ago that I struck out on my own. At that time, I was 53 years old. That’s an age in which you’d retire, right? My family members were also against the idea [of me setting up a new studio]. I was a 53-year-old middle-aged guy, I didn’t have any money or much of anything else, and it was just me saying I was going to make this open-world game.

According to the Hideo Kojima, many doubted that he could carry out a project with these characteristics. After all, the reason for that is that no developer has succeeded after trying on their own. He explains that when he went to the bank, he did not get a loan, because despite his fame, at that time he could not guarantee results. He emphasized “that is the kind of country that is Japan.”

As Kotaku publishes, loans are easy to obtain in the country of the rising sun unless you are part of a large company. But then Hideo Kojima ran into a banker who worked at the largest bank in Japan and was a great follower of him, so he got the financing. In order to build trust in the families of the people he was hiring, Kojima wanted to establish his study in a good place. In this way, it would reflect an image of success that would reassure them.

In the end, he even had words of thanks to Konami.

The reason why I’m who I am now is because of the 30 years I had at Konami. I am grateful to Konami, and I cannot deny that connection.

The Death Stranding World Tour will begin on October 30 with a special event in Paris, France. Kojima Productions has already confirmed that it will also visit cities such as London, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Taipei and Seoul. The company has not detailed all its plans for the Death Stranding World Tour, but said they will soon reveal more details.

They also said that they hope to connect with all of their fans across the globe, along with Hideo Kojima. Possibly during the tour, some more details about the title will be revealed and hopefully its launch trailer as well.

I remind you that Death Stranding will be on sale from November 8 exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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