Hideo Kojima Reveals Information About Death Stranding, One Of Its Themes Is Life And Death

Death Stranding’s last trailer was clearly an emotional rollercoaster for all Kojima fanboys out there. Seeing Norman Reedus at the role of Sam again not only didn’t clear any of the game’s mysteries but created more, giving us a sense of what greatness lies behind the curtains of Kojima Productions. Luckily, Hideo Kojima shared some information about the trailers, explaining what those babies are, why do this crater seem to be of great importance and what’s the big theme behind Death Stranding in general.

Last weekend, during Playstation Experience, Hideo Kojima talked with IGN revealing some, rather interesting, bits about the mechanics of Death Stranding. As it seems one of the themes of the game is life and death. Kojima explained that he wanted players to understand that dying in Death Stranding doesn’t mean it is the end.

The sea-lake scene in the last trailer where Sam is seen after the giant explodes plays a huge role in this scheme, as it is the place players are teleported when they die. Tihs are is freely explorable in first-person mode with the use of a “unique” ability that Sam possesses. With this ability, he can wander outside of his body and recover items. Kojima characterizes this scene as “the equivalent of that screen that says ‘Continue?’ and a counter ticking down towards zero” which is most likely tied to Sam’s ability.

After each “death scene,” you will be transported back to the place you died but not with the classic “save point” mechanic. The place around you will continue to evolve as if you never died, meaning that the story progresses regardless if you die or live. As an example think of the crater in the trailer. You are there, you experience the whole thing, then the explosion happens and after the “death scene” you are teleported back but now it’s daytime and “they” are floating above you instead of being in the crater. That’s a mechanic we’ll see a lot of in Death Stranding.

Kojima also pointed out that the rain indeed has some weird time manipulation properties. He revealed that it is called Timefall and is a central part of Death Stranding:

“Most people in the game are aware of the rain — and well, [Sam] is quite unique in this regard… I think I should stop there. I’m spilling the beans.”

Minor details shared, show that the babies are also part of Death Stranding’s mechanics and the story as a whole. Additionally, the robotic arms that Sam and his partner have attached on their backs have a specific name but it isn’t revealed yet.

Kojima has stated in the past that the game will feature multiplayer but not in the sense we know until now, Kojima productions want to try something completely new on this part. He stated though that it will mostly be a story-driven single player game.

During the interview, Kojima shared more about the game’s development and how it’s coming together as a project. If you are confused now and don’t know what to expect from Death Stranding don’t confuse yourself cause “Everything makes sense. Everything will come together.” as the mastermind behind it, Hideo Kojima assures.

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