Hideo Kojima’s Overdose Offscreen Gameplay Footage Leaked

Yesterday, news came out that a trailer for Hideo Kojima’s next game, Overdose, had been leaked onto a number of private Discord servers. Now, new news has come out saying that now, early gameplay footage of the game has also been released. It’s speculated that the title will be a Cloud-based game.

he gameplay footage, which was posted on Streamable, shows the same sort of footage that was called a trailer yesterday, the female protagonist (played by Margaret Qualley, who played characters in Kojima’s previous game, Death Stranding) walking through a series of dark hallways with a flashlight.

Going by what we’ve seen, it’s possible that Kojima is finally trying to make the horror game that he was denied when Konami fired him shortly after the release of the PT demo for Silent Hills. Of course, since we only have one brief snippet of gameplay to go off of, who knows what the game is actually about.

Something else that’s interesting about the Overdose gameplay is that it appears to be running on a smartphone, rather than on a console or a PC. If the technology the game is using can have it look that good running on a phone, it might be breaking new ground on Microsoft’s part.

Kojima had previously announced that he would be making a game in cooperation with Xbox Game Studios at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase earlier this year, and it’s possible that Overdose is the game in question, especially since he also said that it would make use of Cloud technology.

We’ll likely be waiting a good while longer until we actually get some concrete information on Hideo Kojima’s Overdose game, but hopefully it will live up to the expectations that these leaks are setting so far. Until then, all we can really do is speculate.

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