Hideo Kojima Opens Up More On What Death Stranding Is All About

If you like having your brain in the middle of a logic breaking bukakke, Hideo Kojima is the man for you. His games are both famous and infamous for how they completely screw with your thought process. Putting together the meaning behind a Kojima Productions game requires more effort that planning out a presidential assassination. The case with Death Stranding looks like it’s gonna be the same.

However, lord Kojima had a little mercy on us when he tweeted out this snippet of info. Specifically about what exactly the purpose of Death Stranding is.

So we know that the “strand” part of the title and promotional material refers to connections. Forming bonds and such. He’s teased this before in a statement about connecting everybody. This recent tweet comes off as an elaboration to that statement.

The game tasks players with traveling to different fragmented societies and connecting them together. How they plan on doing that is something the game will eventually reveal. Until then, we have a lot of speculation to ride on basically.

Isolation was a big theme the game has been emphasizing on. People will have grown used to living and keeping to themselves. The objective of the game is to make a connection with these people. It’s like a fucked up version of Footloose, but instead of dancing, it’s society.

Furthermore, multiplayer aspects were teased in this statement. Kojima specifically said that as the protagonist, you will be bridging a lot of divisions into connections. This includes connections being established with other players.

Death Stranding is most likely going to remain a primarily single-player experience. It will have some sort of player connection, however. I reckon it may be something like Journey, an indie game where it was possible to come across other players. Or even the DMC 5 cameo system.

Whatever the hell it is, we’ll know on the Death Stranding release date, set for this November.

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