Hideo Kojima Microsoft Deal Apparently Very Close To Being Finished

A rumor that’s been floating around for a while is that a Hideo Kojima Microsoft deal is apparently in the works, after Sony supposedly decided that the mixed reviews and disappointing sales meant that they were no longer interested in collaborating with Kojima. That deal, however, is apparently close to being finalized.

The information comes from Jeff Grubb, author and video game journalist, who mentioned it on his podcast, Game Mess. While nothing is actually confirmed yet for Microsoft or Kojima, the possibility of an Xbox Series X exclusive Kojima game is still a tantalizing prospect.

Death Stranding did get a showing at this year’s E3, mainly in the form of the Director’s Cut advertised by Sony, so it seems like the studio’s not entirely ready to give the game up yet. However, if we’re not going to see a Playstation-exclusive Kojima game from now on, Microsoft would be the next logical choice.

Right now, the Hideo Kojima Microsoft deal isn’t actually confirmed, but according to Grubb they’re supposedly hammering out details. He also gave the rather vague update of “It’s not gonna not get signed”, but whatever that means remains to be seen.

A Hideo Kojima game could be a good system-mover for the Xbox Series X, but exactly what kind of exclusive it turns out to be, if it is one, will also be odd to see, considering Microsoft had previously said they weren’t interested in doing exclusives in order to bring gaming to more people.

It also remains to be seen exactly what kind of game Kojima will make. While Death Stranding did get mixed reviews and low sales, Kojima’s Metal Gear franchise is still regarded as one of the best game series ever, so the Hideo Kojima Microsoft deal might be what Kojima needs to get back into the swing of things.

You can watch Jeff Grubb’s podcast by following this link, and in the meantime until something is actually confirmed, all we can do is sit and wait for any news about Kojima working with Microsoft.