Hideki Kamiya Says No Bayonetta 3 Gameplay Reveal Next Week, Maybe E3?

There won't be a Bayonetta 3 gameplay reveal next week despite rumors to the contrary, so we'll have to wait and hope for E3 to give it to us.

A rumor has been going around on Twitter for the past few days that we would be getting a Bayonetta 3 gameplay reveal sometime next week. However, despite being named as a source, Hideki Kamiya posted on Twitter himself today to let people know that no, a reveal was not coming.

Bayonetta 3 was first revealed at the 2017 Game Awards, but since then hasn’t had anything said about it. There’ve been no trailers, no gameplay, not even any hints that development is even underway. However, with E3 coming up next month, hopefully that will change.

Considering how over the top the past Bayonetta games have been, even among other Platinum Games titles, there’s no telling what Bayonetta 3 will involve when it comes out. Hopefully it will be able to surpass the last two games, especially since it’ll be the first game to natively come to the Nintendo Switch.

The reason behind the thoughts of a Bayonetta 3 gameplay reveal is likely because Hideki Kamiya, being quite caustic on Twitter, constantly reacts to anyone asking for development updates by replying “Next week”, and thus he said that those statements shouldn’t be taken at face value. Kamiya has said, however, that development is going well.

While there’s always the likelihood that Bayonetta 3 will get some time during the Nintendo Direct that will play during Nintendo’s time at E3 in June, there’s no guarantee for it. Platinum’s already getting attention for two other upcoming games.

The first one, revealed at the Square Enix conference at E3 2018, is Babylon’s Fall, which we’ve also seen nothing but a trailer for. Astral Chain, which was unveiled at the Nintendo Direct back in February, has gotten a trailer that actually showed off gameplay.

This is shaping up to possibly be a very good game for Platinum, but hopefully in addition to Astral Chain and Babylon’s Fall we’ll be seeing a Bayonetta 3 gameplay reveal along with them. Bayonetta 3 will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

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