Hide.io Guide – Hiding, Seeking, Tips And Strategies (Beginners Guide)

The brand new hide and seek game tries to have some of the oldest games like hide and seek and spot the difference combined with MMOs to create the perfect experience and it definitely comes close. However, if you want to excel in the game then you will need this Hide.io Guide.

Our Hide.io Guide will tell you how to be an all-around better player in Hide.io by giving you some very useful tips and tricks about the game.

Hide.io Guide

The game takes place in an arena that has a specific theme such as ‘office’. Either you can be a hider or a seeker or you will be able to fit into the background by hiding outside of the level (albeit there are certain limitations to this). There are 60 seconds for you to hide away and the seekers will be able to memorize the landscape in this time to see the differences that exist.

The seekers have a total of 200 seconds to find the hiders. Let us go ahead and look at some ways through which you can be better at both hiding and seeking in the game.


Remember that it is very important for you to memorize all of the important spots on the map. This will get easier as you continue to play the game but you can use some of the most used spots as a reference to ensure you are able to remember all of the important stuff. One of the prime areas where this technique can be used is in the airplane on the map known as ‘Airport’.

Remember that once your session is into the last 45 seconds, the taggers will gain immunity. This means that they can tag any object that they want to without losing any health. It is best at this time to tag literally everything that you see to get lucky and locate one of the hiders.


Remember that you need to hide in a place that does not make it immediately obvious that you are hiding there. It is best if you try to sit in a place where you are able to blend in with the environment so that it is extremely difficult for someone to figure out that is where you are.

An example of this is the bikes area in the Stadium map which would be perfect for anyone who is a tire or a bike but not for someone who is anything else as they will immediately stand out.

Also, remember that if you are actually found as a hider, you can try to run away. Although not the best strategy, running away will make you a difficult target to tag so try to move randomly so as to capitalize on a tagger who does not have a particularly good aim. This will allow you to sometimes get away scot-free and find a new place to hide.

That is all we have for our Hide.io Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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