Here’s How PlatinumGames Decided On Twin Protagonists In Astral Chain

Astral Chain, the latest upcoming Nintendo Switch game from PlatinumGames, is mere days away from its release. As Astral Chain’s release date draws closer, we are learning more about the game and what it will be like once it finally launches. In a recent interview, we learned more about the twin protagonists that players will play as in Astral Chain.

In a special pre-launch interview published on the PlatinumGames Official Blog, game director Takahisa Taura and character designer Masakazu Katsura talked about a ton of different things related to Astral Chain. One of the things they discussed was the twin protagonists.

Players will get a chance to play as a pair of twins in Astral Chains, one is male and the other is female. When asked what the game developers’ vision was regarding this, Katsura revealed that they didn’t intend them to be twins at first.

According to Katsura:

“In the initial documentation I received, I remember they weren’t twins. They both had a kind of messy look to them, so they seemed like they wouldn’t care about their hairstyle or anything.”

“We didn’t mention any specific kind of hairstyle we wanted, but when I looked at the first concepts from Katsura-san I thought “…we’re going with this, definitely” (laughs). And yeah, they weren’t twins at first,” said Taura. “I just wanted to have a game where you could choose the main character’s gender. But after we received the design concepts, we thought adjusting the story to include the twins angle would make things more interesting.”

We saw glimpses of the character design of both of the twin protagonists in the Astral Chain gameplay trailer that was released just a few days ago. Even though both of them bear a resemblance, they both have their own traits which truly make each of them unique in their own way.

In addition to this, we also learned that players will be able to choose genders of the protagonists in Astral Chain. While talking about this, Katsura commented about why PlatinumGames went the route of giving them a similar look.

“I’d been told you could choose the protagonist’s gender, so I tried to give both of their faces a similar look,” said Katsura. “That might’ve been the catalyst. I think had I given the girl a more cutesy look, no one would’ve pictured them as twins.”

Taura added: “If her art had been like that, I don’t know if we’d have thought to make them twins. That’s just one more way I think your art was able to inspire new ideas from the team.”

Astral Chain is being developed by PlatinumGames with a release date scheduled for August 30th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.