Here’s How Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Will Capture Both Series’s Spirits

One of the more out-there sorts of games revealed recently is Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a crossover game between the Rayman Rabbids of Ubisoft and the Mario characters of Nintendo. However, even if the game doesn’t look good on the surace, the developers have at least tried to make the two work.

This came from a San Diego Comic Con interview with the game’s associate producer Cristina Nava, who also brought along some gameplay to show for how the game took the best parts of the Rabbid and Mario worlds and melded them together.

For instance, when dealing with the Rabbids, you’ll be seeing some of their trademark humor (ie a large enemy picking up a Rabbid and scratching their rump with them, and various things like that). On the Mario side, you’ll have abilities like Luigi’s “Steely Stare”, otherwise known as the Death Stare from Mario Kart 8.

Considering that both franchises sort of run on whacky humor, the Rabbids more than anyone, one might think that the two should meld fairly well together. However, the game’s announcement has been rather controversial, as many gamers aren’t really fans of the Rabbids (especially since many think they’ve been over-exposed in the past few years.)

The story of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is essentially the same as any other crossover-esque game. Characters from one game somehow find their way into another (it’s apparently actually in a Rabbid’s instincts to invade other worlds and annoy people) and have to help the world’s original inhabitants stop some sort of threat.

In the gameplay that came along with this interview, Mario characters and Rabbids characters had to work together to stop a particularly huge Rabbid that looked like Donkey Kong (unleashed on them courtesy of Bowser Jr), and we also got to see a number of different abilities.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle will be coming out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on August 29 of this year.