Here’s How Much GTA Online Load Times On PC Decreased Thanks To New Patch

GTA Online load times on the PC version of the game have now been drastically decreased thanks to a new patch that was recently released.

If you’re a veteran of the Grand Theft Auto Online multiplayer component, you’re likely very familiar with the very long load times that are normally part and parcel of playing the game. However, GTA Online load times have now been drastically cut down in the mode’s newest patch on PC.

In a side-by-side comparison video done by the YouTube channel Broughy’s Random Bits & Let’s Plays, a normal Invite Only game, before the new patch, took two minutes and sixteen seconds to load in. After the patch, it now takes only 24.6 seconds.

The background behind the patch is that recently, another player named T0ST published an article about the differences in load times across all seven of Grand Theft Auto 5’s platforms. The game’s PC version had by far the slowest time, and he had managed to cut down load times via a number of workarounds.

Rockstar has now implemented the same changes to GTA Online load times on the PC, allowing it to have much faster load times than it originally did, totaling in an 82 percent reduction in load times. This should be a huge boon to PC players who often want to play online.

While it’s not currently known if the same patch will work its way onto the other platforms (especially since the PC version of the game has, or rather had, by far the longest load times), PC players may have the luxury of having the fastest load times out of all of the game’s platforms.

Such GTA Online load times may also be decreased further when the game is re-released (again) onto the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 later this year. In the meantime, if you’re a PC player and have long been suffering over the long PC load times for Grand Theft Auto 5 Online, go on and have fun in your new much faster-loading playground.

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