Here’s How The Character Switch Will Work In Need for Speed Payback

Need for Speed Payback is coming to PC and consoles late fall and is probably one of the bigger open world racing games the series have seen till now. According to developer Ghost Games, the game will feature three main playable characters, which you can choose and switch depending on your playstyle.

These three characters, Tyler Morgan (The Racer), Mac (The Showman), and Jess (The Wheelman), will be the main protagonists of an ingame story where they will have to face and get vengeance from a corrupt cartel in Fortune Valley.

In a featured video in PlayStation Access, Creative Director William Ho talked about the the way player’s will be able to change characters according to what type of race they are facing.

More specifically:

“You get to choose which races and events and missions that you want to enter,” Ho said. “So if you prefer drag race you can play more drag race as Tyler the racer. Then when you go and play a mission, ‘oh hey I’ve got to get these bank robbers away from this safe house’ so you switch over to Jess, then you go to a drift event and then it’s Mack. Each of these characters, they’re expressing what they want to accomplish, what their motivations are.”

So you can switch your protagonists anytime you like and their cars making it easier to get through those tough challenges until you get your cars pimped up. This works also on the upgrade department where you can switch characters accordingly to do other upgrades on your cars.

Need for Speed Payback will feature leveled races for with you need to be qualified to enter. You will have to go out on a stroll, challenge some rivals and build your car accordingly to match the race’s requirements.

Need for Speed Payback is getting released on November 10 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Those players who own EA Access and Origin Access subscriptions will gain access to a 10-hour trial coming in November 2.

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