Here’s All Of The Shadows Die Twice Information That We Know About

There were three different games focusing on samurai at this year’s E3, and one of them is From Software’s newest game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Since it got a gameplay trailer we have some idea of what it will play like, so here’s all the Shadows Die Twice information we have now.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice tells the story of a samurai who is attempting to rescue his young master from a sinister group looking to make use of his divine bloodline. Losing an arm in battle he is instead given a prosthetic which can help him in a variety of different ways.

From what Shadows Die Twice information we’ve seen in the trailers and heard from other sources, combat in Sekiro will not be a Souls-like game. There will be no Souls, no stat changes, and no weapons and armor to equip. Unlike the action role playing games of the Dark Souls and Bloodborne games, Shadows Die Twice is just an action-adventure game. Whether it will fit the studio’s reputation for difficulty remains to be seen. Multiplayer will also not be present.

However, all of these subtractions of the Souls formula give way to a different group of additions. Your prosthetic arm can change into a number of different tools and weapons (we saw two of them in the game’s debut trailer, an axe and a grappling hook), allowing you to augment your ever-present katana in a number of ways.

Other uses for the arm include a Shinobi Firecracker that can blind enemies, a torch that can burn shields, and even a shield of your own that you can use to block damage. You can also use these tools to augment your katana, such as setting it alight by running it through the torch attachment’s flame.

Combat, much like Koei-Tecmo’s Nioh, relies heavily on a mechanic called “Posture”, which operates much like Poise in Dark Souls. Break an enemy’s posture with enough hits, and you can hit them with a special attack that will allow you to kill them instantly.

There will likely be a lot more Shadows Die Twice information to talk about as the game gets closer and closer to release, but you can look forward to the game coming out sometime next year on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.