Here is Why Owl (Father) Is The Best Boss In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

From Software is no stranger to making wonderful and memorable boss fights for us SoulsBorne players. They haven’t lost their touch in the latest title. My personal favorite boss is your own pops. Here’s why I think Owl (father) is the best boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. That is, until there’s any Sekiro Shadows Die Twice DLC.

Before I do continue, here’s the boss fight itself in my own playthrough:

Now what sets Owl (Father) apart from all the other Sekiro Shadows Die Twice boss fights? It’s a huge mix-up of elements that make this fight a very fond and lasting memory.

There isn’t a lot of replayability in Sekiro outside of modding your game. Getting the chance to fight Owl again is a huge bonus, though.

Let’s start with the lore behind the character. Going against your own parent in any story is always an emotional and tragic trope that does very well. Great Shinobi Owl is one of the best examples of that.

He’s your adoptive father that found you in a war-torn battlefield as a starving cub. After deciding to take you in, he raises you in the way of the Shinobi and turns you into an absolute killing machine.

Of course, knowing him your whole life adds to a layer of compassion and emotional attachment to the character. The little toss-up of having to choose between protecting your lord and siding with your father adds to the emotional depth of this fight.

Then the fight itself, oh boy. Owl (father) can be easily summed up as the game flipping itself on you. After getting so used to abusing enemies with your deflections, Mikiri counters and shinobi tools, you get a boss that abuses you with his deflections, Mikiri counters, and tools.

My favorite defining trait of the great shinobi is the way he mixes up his attacks based on what your position is. With every other boss in the game, you can bait their long drawn attacks and circle around to slash up their backs easily.

With Owl, try circling around and see him spin around mid way his attack to catch you behind him with a cleave. If that’s not enough, he summons a JoJo style stand in the second phase. The dialogue and pressure on your shoulders in the fight at the heart of the burning Hirata estate is just amazing.

Finally, the soundtrack is my favorite in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice right next to the Divine Dragon. With everything that’s already been mentioned, what more could you want? Oh I know, maybe some Sekiro Shadows Die Twice DLC.

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