Fortnite Flaming Rings Locations Guide

With a new version of Fortnite comes a new Season, and already Epic Games has set up a challenge for players. Players can find and jump through flaming rings with the help of a motorboat to get a reward. In this guide, we are documenting Fortnite flaming ring locations to help you complete this challenge.

Fortnite Flaming Rings

The flaming rings challenge is one of the multiple tasks that you can complete in Fortnite Chapter 2’s first season in order to get experience towards your battle pass. But where is each Fortnite flaming rings location? You only need to get three rings, but they’re all located on the rivers of the map and are thus fairly hard to miss and are accessible via motorboat.

The rings are all fairly close together and mainly gathered on the southern part of the map, though they do crawl up the two offshoot rivers of Lazy Lake. One can be found on the western edge of Lazy Lake, while two each can be found on the rivers to the north and east, going up towards the central island (or rather, Eye Land) and Frenzy Farm, respectively.

Two others can be found in the Slurpy Swamp, one in the southern part and one up to the northwest. Like the other rings, these are also part of the various rivers that are located in that area, so you’ll still need to find a boat to take through them when you find them.

The eighth and final one of the Fortnite flaming ring locations is located south of Misty Meadows, specifically on the side of the mountain where you can find the weather station. You’ll find a motorboat near a cabin, and all you have to do is drive down the river and jump the boat through the ring to get it.

While some of these may seem difficult to get to, remember you only have to do three rings in order to complete the challenge, so don’t sweat it.