Here Are The Fallout 76 Beta Achievements That Will Carry Over To Main Game

While the Fallout 76 beta is over with the game coming out tomorrow, there are still a number of achievements that players can look forward to collecting as they play. However, beta players that have earned achievements might be wondering if those will carry over. Bethesda and Pete Hines have explained which Fallout 76 beta achievements we won’t be worrying about.

While you’ll unlock achievements for gameplay mechanics that you did during the beta, such as building a CAMP, or crafting a weapon, from the start, if an achievement that you unlocked involves completing a quest such as leaving Vault 76 or finishing something, then you’ll have to earn those all over again. This likely keeps players from having to grind out achievements again, while still making progress feel notable.

Of course, considering that Fallout 76 is essentially a Fallout MMO/Destiny/Division clone, progress is a relative term. Considering there’s no real unified story other than the very loose framework of “bring civilization back to the Wasteland after nuclear war”, Fallout 76 is mainly a way for Fallout fans to run around with their friends.

Thankfully, all of your experience and the weapons you have will also carry over to the full game for Fallout 76, so if you were worried about losing all of your actual character progress, so far you have nothing to worry about.

However, Fallout 76 is still a Bethesda game, so even if you get to keep all of the stuff you got for your character, you should still be careful if you run into any crippling bugs, such as the one in the beta that would delete the entire thing from your harddrive, and more. And with this being a thing Bethesda’s never done, we can expect a ton of bumps in the road.

Either way, Fallout 76 releases tomorrow for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, so you can hit those country roads really soon. Once it comes out, you can check and see which Fallout 76 beta achievements unlock for you.