Henry Cavill Teases “Secret” Mass Effect Project

Henry Cavill, the Witcher himself, appears to be working on a new project that is somehow related to the acclaimed Mass Effect franchise.

Taking to Instagram earlier today, Cavill posted a picture of himself getting his hair done for the upcoming second season of The Witcher. The picture also had him holding a piece of paper with the text intentionally blurred out.

Removing the blurry text (via Gamepressure) revealed words such as Cerberus, Reaper, Geth, and Tali’Zorah. The entire paragraph was in fact taken directly from the Mass Effect 3 Wikipedia page and which has fans making all kinds of speculations for the said “secret project.”

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Cavill could either be doing some research to play the part of a new character in Mass Effect 4 or be familiarizing himself with the storied science-fiction universe for a new live-action television adaptation. There could also be something new in the works entirely or the actor was just killing time in wait for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition which remasters the entirely trilogy of games.

“Guess you’ll have to wait and see,” he teased and which does suggest this to be something more than just a ruse. Until the said Mass Effect project gets confirmed, Cavill will continue to spend his time on the set of The Witcher which has a tentative 2021 release window. The second season was actually slated for last year but had to be delayed due to the pandemic.

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