Hello Neighbor Guide – Get Inside The House, Distractions, Using Windows

The main part of Hello Neighbor is to play with stealth. Not giving your position away is more important than almost everything else and this Hello Neighbor Guide will help you figure out how to do that. Our Hello Neighbor Guide will give you numerous tips and tricks in order to ensure that you are not discovered when you are playing Hello Neighbor and are able to complete the game successfully.

Hello Neighbor Guide

The main purpose of the game is to somehow sneak into your neighbor’s house. If you are able to get in without being detected, you can then make your way to the basement. Of course, the game does get harder as soon as you get closer and closer to the basement.

Once you are in the basement, you will be able to uncover the dark secret that resides in there. Let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the tips and tricks that will help you survive.

Getting in the House

The neighbor whose house you need to sneak into will be watching you. Once he sees you, you will be chased down and things will be thrown at you. The best way to get to the secrets is by using the walls and the corners as cover and hiding all the way to the inside of the house.

How to Distract

One other way to get inside the house other than just hiding in the walls and the corners is by causing a distraction. You can find an electrical switch towards the left of the house and flip it in order to make the neighbor investigate what is going on. He will open one of the doors and you will be able to get in if you are careful.

Use the Windows

One of the ways that you can get in or out of the house is by using the windows. Look at the window and jump through it. Of course, this should be held as a last resort and it is better if you use them as an escape rather than an entrance.

Chasing Perfection

Perfecting stealth is very difficult for you to do, but it is possible and it is the best way to play the game. It is best to stay behind the neighbor and walk really slowly rather than try to quickly go through to the end. Of course, you can also try to just run in and use the info that you have picked up for future tries.

That is all we have for our Hello Neighbor Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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