Hellblade Valravn Boss Guide

This Hellblade Valravn Boss Guide will help players defeat Valravn and come out triumphant while taking as little damage as possible to avoid the game’s perma-death mechanic.

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Hellblade Valravn Boss

Valravn, the god of illusion, isn’t a particularly difficult boss since players can parry most of his attacks with a well-timed block. However, Valravn also favors ranged attacks, quite a lot, and will occasionally throw projectiles at the player.

For this very reason, players need to stick close to him by reducing the gap between Valravn and Senua by dodging forward using X. However, even though they should try to keep the fight melee-focused, players should always maintain a safe distance as getting too close to Valravn boss would be devastating.

Unlike Surtr, Valravn also summons minions during the boss fight. While these smaller enemies aren’t difficult to defeat, their numbers can be annoying and ultimately overwhelming if players don’t kill them quickly. These minions also use jump attacks that the players must always dodge as getting hit with one of them deals a lot of damage. Whenever these minions appear, players should ignore the boss and try to kill the minions as soon as possible.

Once the minions are dead, players can focus again on Valravn. The best way to deal damage to him is to parry his attacks and always be ready to follow that up with a couple of attacks of their own. Whenever they see Valravn getting ready for an attack, players should also be ready to parry it. This allows players to land a few hits of their own before Valravn gets ready to attack again.

If for some reason players can’t parry his attacks, they should wait for Valravn to finish his attack combo and once he is done, land a couple of heavy attacks on him and then back off to play defensively. Whenever he uses his jump attack, players should dodge sideways and then quickly follow up with some attacks on his back.

Apart from the boss summoning minions, you’ll need to watch out for the teleporting ability he uses in the fight. Valravn teleports during the fight in the area and appears next to you and lands few blows which are his quick attacks.

At this point, you are vulnerable and can’t parry these attacks. So, the best option is to evade them. Keep in mind that out of the three quick attacks, you can parry the first two. Parrying the first two attacks depends upon your timing, if you’re fast enough then you can surely put his attacks against him.

Also, the boss has two more attacks in his arsenal which are the charge attack and as mentioned before a ranged attack.

During the charge attack Valravn lifts himself up in the air and rushes towards you. To dodge this move you can jump to the other side and follow it up with a high damaging attack.

As for the ranged attack, he hurls two daggers in your direction. But these are easily taken out by strafing forward. Also, you can easily parry these daggers if you block them on the right time.

Repeating this process throughout the fight will ultimately weaken Valravn considerably and the final stage of the boss fight will begin. During this last phase, Valravn turns into an invincible shadow but players can make him vulnerable again by using their Focus ability.

Simply press R2 to make Valravn physical again, leaving him vulnerable to heavy attacks from Senua. Of course, Valravn can still attack the players so they need to careful after making him physical. He will turn into his shadow form a few times before ultimately being defeated.

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