Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Surtr Boss Guide

Throughout the player’s journey in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, they will encounter a number of enemies. However, the game only has a few main bosses, some of which are on branching paths of the game. Surtr is one such boss in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice that players will encounter very early on in the game.

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Hellblade Surtr Boss

As mentioned earlier, Surtr is one of the first bosses players encounter in the game. Very early on in the game, players will have the option to choose between a left and right path. The right path leads to Surtr while the left one leads to Valravn.

Although players have to defeat both bosses, it is better to tackle Surtr first as this boss fight is easier and gives players a good idea of the combat and what to expect when attempting boss fights.

Once players take the right path, the boss fight shouldn’t be too far. They need to keep in mind that Surtr doesn’t have a lot of attack variety and is actually very slow-moving as well so it is easy to gain distance from him. This fight also doesn’t spawn any minions for players to worry about so they can put their sole focus on Surtr.

The fight takes place in an “arena” with fire all around it but players don’t really have to worry about that.

Surtr’s attacks are slow and in wide sweeping arcs so players can simply dodge to the side when he is attacking and once his attack move ends, they can rush in, land a few heavy hits on him to deal damage and then back out before Surtr starts his attack pattern again.

Simply repeating this pattern will deal significant damage to Surtr and make him change things a bit.

After players have dealt enough damage, Surtr will kneel, smash his sword in the ground, and surround himself with flames and send out what appears to be heat waves. However, the fire seems to be just for show and players can walk through it without being damaged.

This is the perfect opportunity to get close to Surtr without having to worry about his attack, hit him with a lot of heavy attacks until Surtr stands up and gets ready to use his same old sweeping attacks again.

While the fire around Surtr can’t hurt players when he is kneeling, at random points during the boss fight he will actually start burning and going close to him in this situation will deal players a lot of damage.

To counter this, as soon as players see him burning, they should press R2 to activate their focus vision which extinguishes his flames and leaves him vulnerable. At this point, players can deal massive damage to him.

Simply repeating these steps will ultimately defeat Surtr with a cutscene showing Senua stabbing him through the chest as he lies on the ground. As the game doesn’t have any health bars for bosses, players will just have to continue on fighting until the boss is actually dead, while taking care they don’t take too much damage themselves.

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