Hellblade Puzzles Solutions Guide

During the course of your journey in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Senua will come across a number of puzzles. In order for her to progress, you must help her solve these puzzles

In this Hellblade Puzzles Solutions Guide, I have provided the solutions for all types of puzzles as they appear in the game.

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Hellblade Puzzles Solutions

Chapter #1

Rune Gate #1
In order to open the Rune Gate with a symbol looking like an ‘M’, simply turn around and focus on the shadows on the rock.

Chapter #2 – Illusion Trial

Illusion Gate #1
In order to open the first Illusion Gate hiding the path to Valravn, turn around and follow the path to drop down a bridge that should allow you to pass through a gate to open the Illusion Gate.

Rune Gate #2
You need to pass through the small illusion gate near the Rune Gate in order to create a hole in the wall in front of you. Once done, pass through the hole to get to the top and look at the Raven symbol through the correct angle to open the Rune Gate.

Rune Gate #3 – Second Raven Rune Gate
In order to open the second raven Rune Gate, you need to pass through four illusion gates to repair the staircase in the area. From the Rune Gate, turn back to pass through the first illusion gate.

Once done, pass through the second and the third illusion gates to come to some ruins. The final illusion gate is up a ladder. Pass through it to repair the stairs and see the Rune Gate from the correct angle to open it.

Rune Gate #4 – Third Raven Rune Gate
From the Rune Gate, head back and pass through an illusion gate on the left side. Once done, head to the other side using a wooden beam and see the Rune Gate using the symbols to open the gate.

Rune Gate #5 – Fourth Raven Rune Gate
From the Rune Gate, climb the ladder on the left-hand side to pass through an illusion gate. Once done, walk over a tree branch and pass through another illusion gate on the other side. After dropping down the bridge, pass through the same illusion gate again to reveal a tree branch and scan the symbol from the tree.

Chapter #3 – Fire Trial

Rune Gate #6
The first thing that you need to do is to head up the hill and focus on the pillar in a way that they make the ‘H’ shape. Once done, head downhill and focus on the wooden structures that look like a prong.

Rune Gate #7
The first thing that you need to do is to focus on the tree that look like an ‘X’. Once done, head upstairs to focus on the burning shape on the ground from the balcony.

Rune Gate #8
Head behind the right house to find some missing planks that look like a ‘T’. From there, you should see a wooden structure that looks like a ‘P’ in the left house.

Finally, you need to head over to the top of the watchtower and align the wooden stick with a piece of wood sticking out to form a ‘P’.

Chapter #4 – Fortress

Repairing Stairs
You need to stand on the boat and focus on the staircase in order to repair it.

Rune Gate #9
The first thing that you need to do is to stand in the center of the area and find ‘X’ symbol in the air. Once done, head to the second floor and find an ‘S’ symbol in the air. The final symbol is on the top floor of the area.

Chapter #6

Labyrinth #1
The Labyrinth is the blue portal on the right-hand side of the glowing tree. After you pick the torch, follow the following directions: left, right, left, right, left, right, right, right, and right. Simply interact with the Red Gate to complete the chapter.

Chapter #7

Rune Gate #9
Head into the fortress by using your time-travelling ability to make clear of any obstructions in your path. Stand on top of the platform once inside and look to the main entrance where you will se a symbol being formed due to the diffused beams of light.

Repairing Stairs
Leave the fortress and enter the present. Use the main entrance by utilizing the code and scan the staircase by aligning yourself just right.

Rune Gate #10
Head to the past and turn to face the opposite direction from the door where you will notice an arrow forming due to the sunbeams. The second symbol can be spotted by going upstairs and going to the balcony.

Go into the present where you will see the M being made when you look down from the balcony. The final symbol can be found once you’re back on the other balcony; the symbol can be found in the past.

Chapter #8

Illusion Gate #2
Use the three illusion gates at the beginning and restore the bridge. The gates will clear the barricade, clear the wreckage blocking the watchtower and open a door in the watchtower area respectively. After this, use the second gate again to restore the barricade and stairs that will lead you to the watchtower.

Repair Bridge
Once on top of the watchtower, stand on the board and look down at the floating pieces to restore the bridge.

Rune Gate #11
As you focus on the door, you will be teleported to a maze with an enemy chasing you. You can not get close to him as he is made out of fire. Find all the three symbols (Emitting a bright light) in the maze and use the door to escape.

Chapter #10

Rune Gate #12
Face the opposite direction and head left. Down the stairs you will find yourself in the spiral staircase area. Escape Fenrir, turn around and go to the right side of the room.

Go through the archway where you will light a torch and see the symbol reflecting from the water surface. The second symbol can be found back at the spiral staircase.

Go up and go through the corridors until you reach an area with another torch. Light it up and you will see a second symbol be cast in front of you.

Head to the first part of the puzzle and take the second turn to the right where you first turned around. Head down the stairs and light up all the torches. Get on top of the broken cage and you will see a bloody symbol on the floor.

Rune Gate #13
In front of the gate, light the big torch; afterwards, turn around and go through the tunnel to your left. Towards the end, you will find another torch that you can light.

Go through the waterfall once the torch has been lit. Run to the torch that you had lit before once Fenrir starts chasing you down. Re-ignite your own torch and light the final torch.

Go through the waterfall and you will see an M visible on the wall.

Chapter 11

Repair Bridge 1
Go up the first spiral staircase and look down at the bridge to align the pieces by approaching the ledge.

Repair Bridge 2
Take a right and go up the sets of stairs. Look down at this second bridge in order to align all the pieces.

Repair Entrance
Stand on the bridge, and look towards the path you came from. To the left, you will see a few floating pieces; align them to restore a missing entrance.

Repair Bridge 3
Head through the entrance previously restored and you will arrive at a prison. Go up the spiral staircase until the second highest floor; approach the ledge and align the pieces of the final bridge.

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