Hellblade Lorestone Locations Guide

This Hellblade Lorestone Locations Guide will help players collect all these collectibles in proper order as they progress through the game so there are no chances of missing a Lorestone and in turn, a part of the story and a trophy for collecting them all. These Lorestones can be easily spotted thanks to the glowing symbols on them.

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice has an average play time of around 8 hours and despite the game being pretty linear in its design, there are some puzzles and areas which can require a bit of exploration. In the game, there are also some collectibles in the game by the name of Lorestones which provide more story details when activated.

However, these Lorestones are missable and since there is no free roam, if players go past them and progress in the story, they won’t be able to return and pick these up.

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Hellblade Lorestone Locations

Lorestone Locations will be divided into sections based on which chapter of the game they can be acquired from. The game has 11 story chapters and all but one has a Lorestone location in it to make up for a total of 44 different locations throughout Senua’s journey.

Chapter #1

Lorestone #1
At the very start of the game, to the right, as players get out of the boat.

Lorestone #2
At the coast, after walking under the bridge and before going upstairs.

Lorestone #3
After the first puzzle door, players need to balance themselves and walk over a wooden beam to the other side where the Lorestone is located.

Lorestone #4
After the first enemy encounter, this Lorestone can be found at the gate.

Chapter #2

Lorestone #5
After opening the gate and taking the left path to Illusion Trial, Lorestone can be located up the hill and to the right side of ruins.

Lorestone #6
Players will come up on an area with a big locked gate while an illusion gate on the left will take them to a new path. Players need to continue walking this path until they reach another illusion gate in front of castle ruins.

Stepping through the gate will remove the castle wall so players can get inside it and open up the two locked doors in the castle. Having done that, back track to the illusion gate they used and step through it to repair the castle.

This will close up the wall but players can enter through the doors they just opened up. Once in the castle again, players need to go upstairs, walk over a wooden beam and reach the Lorestone location.

Lorestone #7
After the second enemy encounter, the Lorestone will be right in front of the players.

Lorestone #8
Far right corner of the area after picking the previous Lorestone.

Lorestone #9
After scanning the big red mark on the gate, players need to turn around and use the illusion gate to repair a bridge. They should step in through the illusion gate in the middle to reach a drawbridge they can interact with.

Once the bridge is down and players walk over it, they can step through another illusion gate to remove the castle walls, step into the castle and make their way to a cave with the Lorestone inside it.

Chapter #3

Once players defeat the Valravn boss, they need to backtrack to the beginning area and this time step through the yellow gate on the right to start the Fire trial.

Lorestone #10
After stepping through the yellow gate, swim across the water and the Lorestone will be in a cave.

Lorestone #11
After the second fight of the trial and escaping the burning area, look at the bridge with the burning pyre, turn left and walk down the path to find the Lorestone after the second left turn.

Lorestone #12
After picking the previous Lorestone, pass under the bridge and the Lorestone will be at the back of the burned down forest.

Lorestone #13
After escaping the second burning area, players will come up on two houses. The Lorestone is inside the destroyed house on the right side.

Lorestone #14
Going past these two houses and through the fire again, players will come up on two more houses. The Lorestone will be behind the second house and players will need to pass through an open door in the back of the house to reach it. Players will also be able to pick up 3 symbols here for one of the puzzle doors so that’s a good marker.

Chapter #4

Lorestone #15
After the fight inside the Fortress and before the 3-symbol puzzle door, players need to turn right and they will come up on the Lorestone. As it is right in the path of the main story progress, this Lorestone is impossible to miss.

Lorestone #16
After collecting the third symbol for the puzzle door, climb down the ladder on the upper floor which takes players to an unlockable door. The Lorestone will be next to it.

Chapter #5

Hellblade Lorestone #17
At the end of the beach area near another symbol door, the Lorestone will be in plain sight to the left.

Hellblade Lorestone #18
Will be in front of the player as they make their way up to the symbol door on the beach.

Hellblade Lorestone #19
Continue walking alongside the shore and the Lorestone will be past a stranded ship.

Hellblade Lorestone #20
Turn right when entering the wreckage area of ships at the end of the beach.

Hellblade Lorestone #21
In the area with a tree, go around the left side of the tree to see the Lorestone by the shore.

Hellblade Lorestone #22
After picking up the previous Lorestone, continue walking along the shoreline to see this Lorestone behind another tree.

Chapter #6

Hellblade Lorestone #23
After taking the shard challenge portal, turn left and head for the end of the beach where the Lorestone is between two big rocks.

Hellblade Lorestone #24
Inside the maze, turn left another left and then left again. Players will come up on the corridor with Lorestone in it.

Hellblade Lorestone #25
Inside the maze, turn left then right and then left again to reach a corridor with holes in the roof.

Hellblade Lorestone #26
After picking up the previous Lorestone, turn slightly right towards a dark tunnel, then turn right, right again, left and then right for the final time. This takes players to a side room with the Lorestone in it.

Chapter #7

Hellblade Lorestone #27
Cross the bridge after starting the Tower Shard challenge, go up the stairs to find the Lorestone in front of the Viking fortress.

Hellblade Lorestone #28
Inside the fortress, next to the dining table.

Hellblade Lorestone #29
Inside the fortress, at the bottom of the stairs in front of the broken wall. Players need to be in the present for this.

Hellblade Lorestone #30
On the second floor of the fortress, needs to be accessed in the past.

Hellblade Lorestone #31
The third floor of the fortress, turn right before going through the door. Can only be accessed in the past.

Hellblade Lorestone #32
Also on the third floor in the past, lower the second bridge to reach this on the balcony.

Chapter #8

Lorestone #33
At the end of the first swamp area where players have to fix the bridge. The Lorestone is behind one of the illusion gates by the watch tower.

Lorestone #34
After repairing the bridge, inside the house with the 3-symbol lock. When facing the lock, turn around and the Lorestone will be visible at the back of the house.

Chapter #10

Lorestone #35
Go to the mountain after retrieving the sword. The Lorestone will be on top of the stairs right after entering the Helheim mountains.

Lorestone #36
Down in the caves by the reflection symbol, inside the largest cave on the right. Once players are standing in a beam of light, they need to turn right to see the Lorestone.

Lorestone #37
Go up the stairs after leaving the caves but don’t open the locked door just yet. To the left of the door will be a dark hole with a climbable ledge. Players need to climb it to reach the Lorestone.

Lorestone #38
After the 3-symbol door, players will come up on another sealed 1-symbol door which leads them through a waterfall that extinguishes their torch. Once players light up the torch again, they need to walk over a wooden beam and go right to see the Lorestone next to some crucified corpses.

Lorestone #39
Follow the objective marker and down the path on the left. Another 1-symbol door awaits the players with a glowing red M on it. The Lorestone will be to the left of this door.

Lorestone #40
In the tunnel after players open the symbol door with M on it.

Chapter #11

Lorestone #41
After defeating Fenrir, go up the stairs and climb the ladder on the left wall. Once up there, hug the right wall and players will reach a room with a spiral staircase. The Lorestone is at the bottom of the stairs.

Lorestone #42
After a cutscene that takes players to a huge wooden bridge, they can turn around to find the Lorestone behind them.

Lorestone #43
Stand on the little balcony and zoom in on the wooden bridge to repair it. Afterward, players can stand on the repaired section and look for glass shards in the air. Align these shards with the correct wall which triggers an illusion and makes the wall disappear. Players can then go through this open area to reach old prison cells where the Lorestone is located.

Lorestone #44
On top of the spiral staircase in the area just after the prison cells, before players fully repair the wooden bridge.

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