Hellblade Hela Boss Guide

This Hellblade Hela Boss Guide will help players complete this boss encounter with ease while giving useful tips on how best to approach each phase of the fight.

We’ve detailed some tips and strategies that should help you defeat the fourth and final boss in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

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Hellblade Hela Boss

During this final boss fight of the game, players don’t actually fight Hela herself despite being armed with a sword that can kill enemies effortlessly, even killing normal minions with just one strike. The first phase of the Hela boss encounter is actually pretty easy just because of this sword.

First Phase
Players have to fight a large number of minions, most of which just die with one attack. To breeze through this phase, players should just keep on using different combos to cut down their enemies.

Players can use focus followed by L1 + Square to initiate a sprinting-stab combo that kills minions in one hit. Chaining combos like this should make quick work of all the enemies.

Second Phase
Once the last minion is dead, the second phase of Hela boss fight begins and players have to fight a shadow.

This shadow takes the form of the bosses players have previously fought throughout the game. This shadow has the same attack patterns of the boss it is currently mimicking so players will have an idea of what to expect and how to counter it.

Thankfully, due to the sword, Senua is carrying, as long as players follow the strategy they used in the previous boss fights, defeating this shadow shouldn’t take too long and will be easier than the previous boss fights. Players need to use Focus throughout this phase to harm the Shadow.

Once the Shadow is dead, the final phase of the boss encounter begins and this is where things get confusing.

The game doesn’t tell players what to do here as they continue to fight an endless number of minions. These smaller minions literally are endless and this phase of the encounter will continue until players activate the right trigger, which in this case is dying.

Once players approach Hela in the center of the arena, they need to let her minions kill Senua for the game to actually progress. When Senua falls, the final cutscene of the game will begin and mark the ending of the Hela boss fight and Hellblade.

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