Hellblade Gets Heavenly Sword Art Director, Ninja Theory Called Him Back

Hellblade, teh Celtic myth based hack and slash game has turned a few heads with Team Ninja’s claims of a deep and and personal combat mechanism.

However, the game got a setback when its art director and senior character artist left the studio to pursue other goals. A post on the game’s official website reveals that alll that is in the past now – they have been replaced.

The post first explained how the development team of Hellblade has evolved despite being not more than a dozen in number:

As a game moves through the stages of production different requirements need to be met by differing groups of developers. In the case of Hellblade, the team was just a handful of artists in the concepting phase. Now in production it has grown to 13 people covering almost all discipline areas.

This was followed by a good news for people who have been a fan of Heavenly Sword in the past. If you loved what the developers had done with that game’s art, you are going to love Hellblade too because Nugues Giboire, the art director of Heavenly Sword is now working on it:

In the case of art leadership, we have welcomed back returning Ninja Hugues Giboire. Hugues rejoins Ninja Theory after several years having previously been Art Director on Heavenly Sword. In the case of Character Art, our search for a new Character Artist continues.

Hellblade is being developed for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows and while it still doesn’t have a specific release date, it is expected that the game will hit the racks within this year.

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