Hellblade Fenrir Boss Guide

This Hellblade Boss Guide will help players fight the giant monstrosity that is Fenrir, get rid of its invulnerability and finally defeat it so players can end Senua’s nightmare and finish the game.

Fenrir is the third main boss in Senua’s Sacrifice and can be quite a challenge, mainly because it relies on melee attacks and gets really close to the players. If a single hit land, it deals massive damage to the players which makes dodging very important in this boss fight.

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Hellblade Fenrir Boss

The Fenrir boss fight itself is pretty straightforward as there aren’t any minions for players to fight so all they have to do is focus on the boss. However, Fenrir itself presents quite a challenge with its devastating attacks that are not only targeted but also deal AoE damage.

On top of that, Fenrir will be invulnerable for the fight unless players know what they are doing. To make Fenrir vulnerable, players need to use their Focus that makes it possible for Senua’s attack to deal damage.

Players need to dodge every attack Fenrir dishes out or the damage would be too much and will result in death. After successfully dodging a couple of his attacks, Senua should be able to close the gap and land one or two hits. No need to get greedy here, as Fenrir is quick to retaliate.

Throughout the boss fight, Fenrir’s normal attacks sweep the area so players need to make sure they dodge sideways.

However, occasionally, Fenrir jumps up in the air to land on the player and deliver an AoE attack that deals a lot of damage.

Whenever Fenrir jumps in the air, players need to start rolling backward and continue doing so to gain as much distance as possible. Once it lands, they can get in close again and wait for an opening to land a few more hits.

The Fenrir boss fight takes place in a cave that ends up being filled with darkness at random points during the fight. Whenever this happens, players need to activate their Focus and look for Fenrir in the darkness. When they spot Fenrir, he will either charge at them or jump at them so players need to be ready to dodge his incoming attack.

Thankfully, Focus somewhat slows down the time so it should be easy for players to dodge if they have enough practice.

Players need to continue this pattern, activate focus, land one or two hits, dodge and continue to repeat this until they finally defeat Fenrir. It is impossible to deal any damage without using Focus so players should maximize the utility of that and try to land Heavy attacks instead of normal ones to deal more damage.

Blocking is also not an option, as his attacks will knock players to the ground making them vulnerable for follow up attacks if they aren’t quick to get up.

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