Hellblade Features a Deep and Personal Combat System, Says Ninja Theory

More information has been provided for Hellblade, relating to its dynamic world, combat and exploration systems.

In a recent video interview with PlayStation Access, Ninja Theory said that players can expect to spend many hours in the game’s deep combat system, which is skill-based and takes a lot of inspiration from one-on-one fighters.

With an “over-the-shoulder” camera, players will feel more close and intimate during combat sessions where every fight will feel personal. On that note, Ninja Theory also said that there won’t be waves or hordes of enemies to fight.

The number of enemies players can expect to encounter at a single time shouldn’t be more than three or four. Emphasis in combat is being laid on tactics rather than simply button mashing.

Here’s what Dominic Matthews, Product Development Ninja at Ninja Theory, said:

We’re taking a lot of inspiration from one-on-one fighters. We really like the idea of an entire move set available to the player from the beginning. Fighting games are super technical and we want that kind of feel for Hellblade, so we’ve gone for an over the shoulder camera. It’s very close and intimate, we wanted to feel like every fight mattered, so it’s going to be you versus one, two or three enemies. We’re not talking about hordes of ten/fifteen enemies, it’s about taking on small numbers of enemies for it to be really tactical.

In regards for the world itself, Matthews teased that it will feel alive and players can expect to see a lot of movement in the dynamic setting. There will be much to explore and even more to marvel at.

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