Hellblade 2 On PC Will Be A Thing, According to Aaron Greenberg

One of the bigger announcements at this year’s Game Awards was the reveal of Hellblade 2, a sequel to the original critically acclaimed Hellblade game from Ninja Theory. Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft said that while it won’t be an Xbox One exclusive game, we will be seeing Hellblade 2 on PC on release.

The original Hellblade game, which released back in 2017, told the story of Senua, a young Celtic woman who was traveling to the Viking plane of Hel in order to try and ask Hela, the Goddess of Death, to revive her lover, killed by Vikings.

However, the new game announced at the Game Awards seems like it will be something altogether different, if the tone of the trailer is anything to go by. With pagan imagery pulse-pounding beats and ancient Norse chanting, we might be in for a much different ride this time around.

Of course, who knows what will actually be shown in the game, especially since the original game threw so many twists and turns at us. Considering how well Ninja Theory did with the original, hopefully the sequel will be even better, and we might even get to see deeper inside Senua’s twisted mind.

Having Hellblade 2 on PC from launch will likely be a big boon for the game, especially since Xbox recently acquired Ninja Theory. While the original game launched on both PC and the Playstation 4, it may not have as much success on the Xbox Series X, though we can’t know that until it comes out.

While the Xbox Series X promises to be extremely powerful, there’s still likely more than a year until it actually releases, and Playstation could bring out anything during that time. But, even if someone’s more likely to play Hellblade 2 on PC, any copy at all will likely please Ninja Theory, especially given Senua’s past success.

There’s no release date for the game yet, but since it will be releasing on the Xbox Series X, it will likely not be coming out until either very late 2020 or sometime early in 2021.

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