Hellblade 2 Development Will Show Off Madness Shaping Myths

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 was unveiled at the Game Awards back near the end of 2019. As the sequel to Ninja Theory’s critically acclaimed title Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, the game is apparently going to be growing. Hellblade 2 development is twice the size of the original, and will show us how madness shapes myths.

Anyone who’s played the original Hellblade is likely familiar with its premise, where the warrior girl Senua travels through the Viking underworld in order to persuade the goddess Hela to revive her lover. This results in a very large amount of disturbing imagery as we come across the world’s various dangers.

Not helping the image is the fact that Senua suffers from psychosis and for all we know the entire game was simply happening inside her head. If what Ninja Theory says about Hellblade 2 development is true, however, it will be even worse when the sequel comes out.

Hellblade 2 had a fairly unorthodox trailer, showing Senua herself in an isolated village viciously chanting during a Norse ritual, and looking quite insane while doing it. According to the game’s actual dev diary, Senua’s madness will once again be important to the narrative.

Hellblade 2 development will be placing particular emphasis on showing how madness can shape myths, religions, and gods. Considering the way such things were portrayed in the original Hellblade, with Hela, her guard beast Garmr, the Norse god of illusions Valravn, and Surtr, the fire giant, one can only guess what Ninja Theory is going to do next.

We don’t have any idea of when Hellblade 2 development will end and when the game will actually release, but we do know it will be sometime next year, as the game will be releasing on the Xbox Series X. Until then, you can buy the original Hellblade on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.