Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls Collection Coming to PS4

Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls Collection is coming to PlayStation 4 in March. Quantic Dream announced the collection that will release in UK on March 4 and in Europe on March 3.

In addition to that, Heavy Rain will also be available on PSN on the same day. Meanwhile on North America and Latin America, Heavy Rain & Beyond Two Souls Collection will release on disc (alongside Heavy Rain on PSN) on March 1st.

Fans in Asia (except Japan) are getting a special Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls PS4 bundle on March 2. Quantic Dream will reveal details for Japan soon, so stay-tuned.

Details on pricing are yet to be shared.

Beyond Two Souls and Heavy Rain were both originally released on PlayStation 3. They were later remastered for PlayStation 4.

Developer Quantic Dream is currently working on another PS4 exclusive that will offer a similar cinematic experience. The game in question is called Detroit: Become Human.

The title was announced back at E3 2015, here’s a brief look:

Release date for Become Human is yet to be finalized.

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