How to use Heat Shields in Apex Legends

In this guide, we will help you understand how to use the newly added Heat Shields in Apex legends' new event, Chaos Theory.

The new event of Apex Legends, Chaos Theory, is here and has brought with it a new tool, the Heat Shield, that players get when they spawn in the game. This guide will help you understand how to use the newly added Heat Shields in Apex legends.

How to use Heat Shields in Apex Legends

Heat Shields are a tool that all players spawn with when they drop into the new Apex event Chaos Theory. The shield is equipped in the Survival Slot, which is also used for items like Mobile Respawn Beacons.

The Heat Shield is an effective tool got players who are forced or trapped in the ring. This item temporarily blocks the damage received from the ring and can provide a much needed breathing room. It can be used both inside the ring as well as near the ring.

An additional bonus is that all healing items have a 50% faster use time when a player uses the item inside the ring. Also, the time for picking up downed teammates is reduced by 25%.

The heat shield is great for recovering after a hectic fight or if you need to rotate around the enemy from inside the ring.

However, keep in mind that the heat shield ring does not stop any bullets from coming in or going out of the dome. This means that it provides no cover to you and your teammates.


The Heat Shield also does not work away from the ring. If you have a good distance between you and the ring, none of the bonuses are activated. This means you will not benefit from the shield if your life is not in danger.

Despite these drawbacks, the shield will be the difference between your victory and defeat. It’s best to use these when required and with cover around you to get the most out of this shield.

You can tell whether your Heat Shield is active or not by looking at its color. A Red-colored shield is active, whereas a Blue shield is inactive. When activated, the shield’s health appears on top of it.

The shield gradually takes damage from the ring, then finally breaks. It’s best to keep an eye on the health if you have been inside for long.

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