Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tips

Get some essential tips and tricks in order to emerge victorious from the newly added Hearthstone Battlegrounds mode against multiple players

Hearthstone Battlegrounds has recently launched and it’s an Auto Battler game mode, that’s also free to play. There are a number of techniques that you can employ in the game to improve your chances of winning against your opponents. Here we have combined all the essential Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tips to keep in mind.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tips

This guide includes useful strategies and techniques you can employ when trying out the Hearthstone Battlegrounds mode and going for that top spot.

Max Gold
Since you can only have a maximum of 10 gold at a time, make sure that you buy minions before you end up selling, since that’s not going to give you anything as your gold coins will already be maxed out.

Nightmare Amalgam
Try and get a Nightmare Amalgam in all types of teams, since its going to help you a lot in structuring your early game in a good way, especially when you’re unsure of which path you want to take.

Unfreezing Bob’s Tavern
If you’re one of those indecisive ones, you can always unfreeze Bob’s Tavern. Go ahead and click on Freeze again to see more minions.

Hero Power
Make sure that you don’t forget about Hero Powers, especially if you’re playing as someone like Patches or Giantfin. So, go ahead and press down on the button in each turn.


Combining and Upgrading Minions
After you buy the third minion of the same type, the minions will be combined, and they will be added to your hand. In this way, you can play buffing cards without the need of selling your minions.

The combining minions will give you a stronger and more powerful minion while it will also let you discover minions from the other Tavern Tier.

Scaling Minions
Although weak, some minions can have humongous effects if they’re kept alive. The likes of Scavenging Hyena and Junkbot are such minions who will scale greatly if they’re kept alive.
Murloc Warleaders boost the generated Murlocs towards attacking power houses.

Minion Placement
Placing your minions correctly is very important as the first minion to attack will be the one on the left, while the targets will be random. If the opponent possesses a taunt, you will have to hit them first.

By employing a correct and trusted formation or placement of minions, you can do a lot more in the matches.

Also, make sure that you have the adequate amount of space on the board to summon new minions.

If you have minions that derive benefits from other minions being killed, then you should have them attack late.

Let you weak minions attack Divine Shields if you encounter any in the match.

Battlecry Token Minions
These are a small and important part of the game, once minions are summoned by a Battlecry effect, they may be sold for one gold.

In this way, you can have more gold by selling more minions.

Changing Your Strategy
Always be adaptive towards different circumstances during the battle to be more successful in the game.

Do not be stubborn towards changing through Beasts, Mechs, or Murlocs, since doing so will make you lose a lot of gold especially when you refresh the Tavern.

Consider having a diverse set of options so that you can use different approaches.

Countering Enemies
In the late game, you should be aware of the opponent’s minions especially their position on the board. This information will help you figure if how you need to focus on your finishing sequence.

Once you’re aware of the sequence, you will be able to propose better ideas to counter your opponent.

For this purpose, you will have to keep changing your strategy to effectively adapt to your opponent’s plan and counter them.

You can consider sniping the Junkbots early into the game by using Zapp Slywick, given that they’re using Mechs.

If your opponent is using big Demons, employing poison effects will be very effective, you can do this by using Maexxna and Toxfin.

If your opponent has a Taunt minion in the start, go with a weak minion as a Lightfang Enforcer, and then a Nightmare Amalgam to counter the Taunt minion.

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