How to Heal and Increase HP in Rage 2

While fighting your way through countless combatants and taking so much damage, it’s a no-brainer that you’re going to need health at some point. Rage 2 allows you not one or two but 4 different ways to heal yourself in the game so you don’t have to depend on one way while you’re in the middle of combat.

How to Heal in Rage 2

Not only do these methods heal you but they also increase the damage dealt. In this Rage 2 Guide, we’ve have outlined different ways of healing or reviving yourself in the game.

1. Feltrite

Feltrite is the basic way to heal yourself! Whenever you’re going to kill your enemies, they’ll leave Feltrite on the ground. You’ve to collect it in order to get your HP back. Move toward the scattered Feltrite or focus on it to pick it up.

Feltrite doesn’t really increase your HP in a massive amount but they’re useful when you’re out of everything else.

However, Feltrite isn’t only to gain HP but it’s a different advantage like upgrading your Project Perks, etc. Therefore, pick up Feltrite whether or not you want it for your health, as it’ll provide you benefits in other portions of the game.


Overdrive ability isn’t essential for your health regeneration but it does serve two purposes. Overdrive has to be charged first in order to gain an advantage from it.


Along with the game, as you’ll kill more enemies, your Overdrive will keep recharging. Once it’s fully charged, press L1 and R1 simultaneously to activate Overdrive and now you can use it to deal more damage to your enemies.

The second advantage is that your health is regenerated. After the charge finishes, you’ll have enough HP on you to continue. Other than this, Overdrive also makes enemies drop more Feltrite that can help you with your healing process.

3. Health Infusions

Health Infusions are consumables that you carry around and they can refill your health automatically. If you’re carrying a Health Infusion and your health goes down, you will see a prompt on your screen asking you if you want to use your Health Infusion.

Click the d-pad on your controller and you can consume the Health Infusion.

Initially, in the game, you cannot carry a lot of Health Infusions but later on, in the game, you can increase the amount of your Health Infusions.

4. Nanotrite

Nanotrite Perks can be used to revive yourself back in Rage 2 and get a full health bar. You can unlock the Defibrillation Nanotrite in the Canyon Cove Ark and if you die then with this ability you can play a small game.

If you win the game, you’ll be revived and you’ll get a full health bar in reward.

Nanotrite is a perk that gives you various abilities and reviving yourself is just one of them. You can also decrease the amount of damage you take by your enemies in the combats.