How To Save In Harvestella?

Harvestella is a simulation game where you are expected to invest a lot of hours. Hence, it becomes important to know how to save your game to avoid any loss of progression.

Harvestella, unfortunately, does not really tell you from the get-go how to save your game. There are two ways to save your progression: an autosave that happens when you go to sleep, and a manual way that requires you to find and interact with special statues.

The following guide will tell you more about how and when to save in Harvestella.

How to autosave by going to sleep in Harvestella

You can save your progress from your Home in Bird’s Eye Brae. Interact with the bed in your room and you will be able to go to sleep. When you wake up the next day, your progress in Harvestella will automatically be saved up to that point.

Take note that you will be able to save your game by going to sleep as early as Chapter 1: The One From Beyond. You can go to sleep as many times as you want. When you reach your first dungeon in Chapter 2: Omen, you will discover a new way to manually save your progress.

Several mechanics in Harvestella require days to complete. Building a livestock pen, for example, takes a whole day. You can fast-forward time by going to sleep.

Something incredibly important to know is that your day ends at midnight in Harvestella. If you are doing any activities at night, you will be knocked out when the clock strikes 12:00 a.m.

How to manually save with Motus Monolite statues

Once you start exploring Higan Canyon in the second chapter, you will come to know about the Motus Monolite statues in the game. You can interact with any Motus Monolite statue in Harvestella to manually save your progression up to that point.

You can also use Motus Monolite statues to fast travel to any other activated Motus Monolite statues on the map. You can use them to warp back to your home as well.

This is how you are mostly going to be traveling between your quests and farming activities. Note that there is a Motus Monolite statue on your farm. Make sure to save your game through that every time you plant seeds for a new crop.

Harvestella gives you multiple slots for your save files. However, if you manually save over an existing file, your previous progress will be lost forever. Therefore, you need to be careful while saving in the game.

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