Harvestella Quietus Dungeon Location Guide

The Quietus dungeon in Harvestella is a combat-focused event that sees players engage with bosses and enemies to farm various resources and Grilla.

The Quietus dungeon is the perfect opportunity to farm XP and various items, making it a worthwhile event to participate in to help improve your character.

The following guide will tell you the location of Quietus and explain how and when you can enter the dungeon in Harvestella.

Where to find the Quietus dungeon?

Head to your farm to use the location as a starting point. Now, head north from your farm and continue along this path until you reach a mysterious well.

If the well is glowing, you can interact with the object to teleport yourself to the Quietus dungeon.

If the well is inactive, you will have to wait until the next season starts.

Take note that you will be able to use Motus Monolites to fast-travel to the old well only after your first visit to the Quietus dungeon in Harvestella

When can you enter the Quietus dungeon?

Quietus can be taken as an event that takes place when the current season is about to end in Harvestella.

You need to wait exactly 30 in-game days, after which the season will end and the glowing well will become activated to take you to the Quietus dungeon.

Hence, you can only enter Quietus once every season. Also, note that Quietus will only last a day. If you miss your chance, you will have to wait for another 30 days.

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