Harvestella Motus Monolite Locations Guide

Motus Monolites are silver-colored statues you can find scattered across the world in Harvestella.

They can be activated using a Motus Magicite to save your game and fast-travel to any other Motus Monolite in the same area.

Knowing where all of the Motus Monolites are in the game becomes immediately important because you might just need to save your progression or return back to your home.

The following guide will tell you the locations of all Motus Monolites in Harvestella.

Motus Monolite locations

There are 15 Motus Monolites scattered between seven different locations. Once again, as another reminder, you can only use them to fast-travel between the Monolite statues found in the same location. You cannot jump from one area to another in Harvestella.

Bird’s Eye Brae

There is a Monolite located on your farm which you are going to use a lot over the course of your progression. This Monolite makes fast traveling for livestock feed and crop seeds easier.

There is also a Monolite on the Hilltop as well as the Old Well near the bridge.

You can also find a Monolite in the new Waterside area where you can farm over shallow water. This biome, however, will only unlock after you have completed certain events in the main storyline.

Lethe Village

There are two Motus Monolites located inside the Lethe Village. The first is located at the entrance. The second is located outside the General Store.

Higan Canyon

Following the Motus Monolite located at the entrance, you can find another Monolite after defeating the Unicorn mini-boss in III Cypress Crossing.

You will also be able to activate a Monolite in the Seat of the Fall Seaslight, just before you encounter Hydolanzer, the main boss of the dungeon.

Njord Steppe

There is only one Motus Monolite here. It is located at the entrance of the dungeon.

Nemea Town

Once again, you will have access to only one Monolite statue here at its entrance.

You can find the Motus Monolites here at the Entrance.


Its one and only Motus Monolite is located at its entrance.

Holy Capital Argene

You can find its one Monolite statue at its entrance.

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