Harvestella Cooking Ingredient Farming Locations

This guide will go over the basics of cooking in Harvestella and how you can farm ingredients for various recipes.

Harvestella is compressed with many in-game mechanics that make the gameplay interesting and introduce you to new adventures every time you progress through some key points. The same is the case with Cooking in Harvestella, an ability that players will be able to unlock once they hire the Renovator from Lethe Village to repair the Kitchen Counter.

From this point onwards, players will be able to obtain recipes and cook them on their countertops. Every recipe demands different ingredients, and to help you find them, we’ve designed this guide for you. To better understand how to farm Cooking Ingredients in Harvestella and the key locations for them, keep on reading.

How cooking works

Cooking and consuming meals is one of the core components of the game. It helps players regenerate their health and stamina, and they can also share these meals with their allies and serve them as mission requirements.

Cooking and stocking meals in your inventory before leaving for a demanding adventure is always great because you never know when you’ll be out of energy and need a bite to stabilize. However, a big part of cooking in Harvestella is looking for the ingredients listed in the various recipes.

Generally, there are two ways players will acquire cooking ingredients, Farming, and Gathering. Ingredients like Milk, Flour, and Eggs can be obtained by ‘Processing’ and maintaining the ‘Live Stock.’

Types of ingredients for cooking

You can start farming on Day 2 with a Hoe, Watering Can, Carrop Seeds x3, Stellar Wheat Seeds x3, and 49 square of farming space available. Cres will help you out on how you can farm and with Seeds & Saplings acquired; you’ll grow the below-mentioned ingredient sets.


Players will be able to acquire seeds for farming from Dungeons, Reward Chests, and Mining.

While in Dungeons, we recommend keeping a close eye on corner areas and scanning through the whole location. You’re also required to explore other regions while commuting to find hidden seeds.

Sapling Plants

  • Wisty Peach
  • Macocoa
  • Numblemon
  • Grouply Grapes
  • Princess Chestnut
  • Snowcap Mikan
  • Lococonut
  • Promised Fruit
  • Moonfruit

Seed Plants

  • Carrop
  • Stellar Wheat
  • Grass
  • Dress Lettuce
  • Unionion
  • Nemean Tomato
  • Cucumble
  • Strawbuddy
  • Tingle Radish
  • Shatollan Paprika
  • Bellhop
  • Seatide Garlic
  • Morrocorn
  • Lantern Pumpkin
  • Rainbow Bean
  • Royal Eggplant
  • Lumpotato
  • Argene Cabbage
  • Chilly Plant
  • Eden Rice
  • Honey Flower
  • Nectarcane
  • Curry Herb
  • Sudor Pepper
  • Nitro Pineapple

Harvestella cooking ingredient farming locations

Players can also get their hands on cooking ingredients through the in-game mechanism called Gathering. Gathering is known as the action when players go to a designated point and gather the cooking items.

So far, the following ingredients can be acquired from the mentioned locations. We will update this list with more locations where players can farm ingredients in Harvestella.

Wild LeafBird’s Eye Brae Njord Steppe Higan Canyon
Cool Berry Bird’s Eye Brae Njord Steppe Higan Canyon
Little MushroomBird’s Eye Brae Njord Steppe Higan Canyon

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