How To Get Bombs In Harvestella

Treasures and rewards are hidden all across the world of Harvestella, but most of it is hidden behind destructible walls. However, these walls are stronger than Wolverine’s skeleton unless you have bombs to blow them open and clear your path to that bounty locked behind them.

Bombs are not regular items and you need to craft them yourself in Harvestella. The recipe for making bombs is not easy to get, so here in this guide, we will help you get the recipe for bombs, learn how to craft bombs and what walls you need to keep an eye out for to destroy using bombs.

How to get bombs in Harvestella

To learn how to craft bombs, you need to get the recipe for bombs. The recipe is found after you have completed your first dungeon. The dungeon is not open to you from the start, you have to wait for the dungeon to open up for you.

While there is no specific chapter or dungeon through which you get the bomb recipe, it seems like there are certain requirements that you need to meet. As soon as you meet those requirements, the event that unlocks the bomb recipe for you will be triggered.

The trigger usually happens in Chapter 3, when you have Aria in your party. Aria is the one who will teach you how to make bombs for yourself, and even give you your first bomb for free.

To learn the bomb, you need to get Aria in your party, and then head out to find any destructible wall. Any destructible wall will suffice for this. Just go up to it, and Aria will tell you that you can open it with a bomb.

Go to sleep after that and when you wake up the next day, Aria hands you your first bomb to open the destructible wall and the recipe for making bombs. From here on out, you can make bombs yourself.

How to craft bombs

Crafting Bombs is very easy. Once you get the recipe for bombs, you can easily craft as many bombs as you want from your Workbench at your farm.

To craft 1x bomb, you need to have 2x natural fiber and 2x firelight fruit. If you have both the crafting items, just head to your workbench and craft a bomb for yourself.

How to use bombs

Bombs are primarily used for clearing cracked rocks that hide paths behind them. These destructible walls of stone cannot be opened any other way in Harvestella.

Destructible walls can be easily spotted during exploration. These walls are rubbles of rocks of grey color. More than that, You can also see the clear glowing indicator in front of destructible walls. If you have a bomb in your inventory, just interact with these walls and your character will automatically plant a bomb to blow them away.

Bombs are not so simple. There are different levels of bombs in Harvestella and you need to use the appropriate level of bomb for each destructible wall. As you progress, you will come across stronger destructible walls that can only be destroyed by higher-tier bombs.

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