Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Releases On Mobile Devices This Month

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, the first Harry Potter game to hit mobile devices is releasing this month and pre-registration is available now. Along with its release date on social media, developer Jam City has also revealed that some of the original Harry Potter actors will voice their characters in the game.

The reveal comes from Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery official Facebook page. The game will feature Hogwarts classes and magic dueling, just like you would if you actually attended the magic school. Fans that have been waiting for their acceptance letter until now, will be more than glad to know that this game has everything they wished for. The reveal post reads:

Your Hogwarts story will soon begin. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will be available to download in the App Store and Google Play Store on April 25! Don’t forget to pre-register.

In addition, some of the most iconic characters in the Harry Potter universe will be voiced by the actors that played them in the movies. Those are: Michael Gambon (Professor Dumbledore), Dame Maggie Smith (Professor McGonagall), Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick), Sally Mortemore (Madam Irma Pince), Gemma Jones (Madam Pomfrey), and Zoe Wanamaker (Madam Hooch).

Take a look at Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery features, as they are detailed on the game’s Google Store page:

Magic Spells, Potions & More
– Attend classes to learn and master magical skills like casting spells and brewing potions.
– Unlock new characters, spells, potions and locations as you advance through the years of Hogwarts.
– Customize your student avatar.

Mystery and Adventure
– Use your magical skills to investigate mysteries at Hogwarts.
– Discover the truth behind the Cursed Vaults and your brother’s disappearance in an all-new story.

Friendships that Matter
– Bond with your housemates to win the House Cup.
– Go on quests to help friends and fellow students…or frustrate rivals.
– Earn respect and build relationships by adventuring together.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is releasing on iOS and Android devices on April 25th. Make sure to pre-register on your respective platform for potential future goodies in-game. Another Harry Potter themed mobile game will hit mobile devices this year, called Wizards Unite,  developed by Niantic and using augmented reality much like Pokemon Go.

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