Hard Reset Crashes, Freezes, Poor Performance/Low FPS And Mouse Acceleration Fixes

Being a PC exclusive title, it does not mean that people won’t face any issues like poor performance, crashes or freezes. It’s not always the game that causes the trouble rather some small issues which can be overcome by few simple steps. So if your PC has not been able to run Hard Reset or you are facing any sort of problem while playing it, read on to find the solution of your problem.
Game Crashes On Start up
If you are facing this issue then you should Steam check the local files. If the problem still persists, make sure that V-sync is not forced. You can enable it through the game options.

Hard Reset poor performance/low fps

There is a probability that you are getting slow performance or low FPS even if you system meets the recommended requirements for the game. It can be due to multiple reasons:

1. If you are using a dual GPU, try disabling one which can improve the performance.

2. Try disabling FSAA/MSAA in the graphics menu.

3. It’s important that your GPU should have the latest drivers.


4. Disable any background applications/software.

Game Freezes at Intro Viodeo

This problem can be associated with the local files. Verify the integrity of the game cache to resolve the problem. You can also try re-installing the directx.

Can’t Press Any Keys After Loading the Save Game/Key binding issue

If you are facing this issue then you should delete the Hard Reset folder in “/My Documents”. It can be due to the conflict between the current game version and the old press review version save files.

How to Skip Startup Intro Video

If you are annoyed of the startup intro which plays for thirty seconds every time you start the game then you should try the following workaround:

  1. In the Hard Reset game folder open up hardreset.exe in a hex editor.
  2. Look for something like “data\cs\intro.lst”.
  3. Change the value to “data\cs\intro.___”
  4. Save the file and launch the game and you will enter directly the menu skipping the startup intro.

Thanks hansschmucker

How to Reduce/Increase Mouse Acceleration
Although there is no option for Mouse acceleration adjustment in the game options, users can adjust it through windows settings (Control Panel> All Control Panel items> Ease of Access Center> Setup Mouse Keys) or use the mouse software for the adjustment.

If you are facing any other issue or know some other solution, share with us!

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