Halo Wars Definitive Edition Coming To Steam?

Leaks and rumors have become a norm for the game industry and this time a rumor has emerged suggesting that Halo Wars Definitive Edition is coming to Steam.

The rumor comes from Gamecheat13, who was banned from Xbox Live after leaking the Halo Wars 2 soundtrack, and now he is back again. This modder and data miner claims to have a Steam copy of Halo Wars Definitive Edition.

He also revealed a screenshot for the game, showcasing an error asking the player to connect to Steam.

While this is not the first time Halo Wars Definitive Edition is available for PC but it will be the first time being available on Steam if the report is true.

It is improtant to note that it is just rumor and Microsoft is yet to officially confirm it. So, take it as agrain of salt.

Halo Wars Definitive Edition is a real-time strategy game and a port of the original Xbox 360 game from 2009 with improved visuals, audio and support for 4K resolution.

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